9 Huge Red Flags That Would Help Recognize Toxic People

Each and every human being in the world is going to be a unique snowflake. We all have different personalities that make us special and distinct in the eyes of the world. We are all going to have different needs, tendencies, expectations, and leanings. We aren’t all always going to be the same. And that’s part of the beauty of life. That’s the beauty of opening ourselves up to new people. We get more exposed to different perspectives that can help expand our worldviews.

However, there is also a risk that comes with that. When we open ourselves up to getting into relationships with toxic people, we risk opening ourselves up to getting hurt. However, if you are able to spot the red flags of people who could prove to be potentially dangerous in your life. You need to be arming yourself against these people. And that starts with making yourself aware of the red flags that a person might be toxic and manipulative.

1. They look to you to put in all the effort for your relationship.

They are lazy. They are always going to look at you to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the relationship. They will want to reap all the benefits of the relationship without having to do any of the work.

2. They are mean to the people who they don’t really benefit from.

Remember that a person who is only ever really nice to the people they can benefit from is not a nice person. When you are genuinely nice, you are ALWAYS nice to everyone; regardless of who they might be to you.

3. They like to show off a lot.

They are very showy and arrogant about who they are and what they have. And that proves one thing: they are very insecure. They look to the attention and the validation of others in order to feel good about themselves.

4. They go looking for drama in their lives.

They are always looking to shake things up. They hate it whenever there is a lack of drama in the relationship, and that’s why they will look to draw drama in. They get bored easily and they resort to destructive ways to curb that boredom.

5. They don’t really make plans or have any structure in their lives.

They are always wayward and sporadic. They don’t really make an effort to structure their lives. They don’t make plans, and they show a blatant disregard for their futures.

6. They have serious addiction problems.

Addiction is often a sign of greater mental illness. And when you are dealing with someone who is dealing with a serious addiction, then you know that that person needs a lot of help.

7. They constantly criticize you to demean you.

They are always going to find a way to make you feel bad about who you are. They will try to demean you and belittle you at every turn. They will criticize you and bring you down to convince you of your worthlessness.

8. They don’t really find any problems with extreme predictability and routine.

They like to stay within their comfort zones. And that wouldn’t usually be a problem. However, real growth and development only ever really happens outside of one’s comfort zone. And a reluctance to engage in growth is always a red flag that requires your attention.

9. They always act selfishly.

They are always selfish. They only ever think of themselves and they wouldn’t be afraid of stepping on your feet to get ahead. They will use and abuse you just to milk whatever they can out of you.


We all meet different people throughout the course of our lives. Some of those people are gifts. They’re going to be very beneficial to us in the sense that they aid in our journeys and growth through life. Some of those people are going to be terrible. They will serve no purpose in life other than to cause you stress and bring you down. And then there are also those who won’t really leave significant impacts on you at all. That’s why it’s always important that you are able to pay attention to the people that you are letting into your life. You always need to be making sure that you are only allotting space for the people who are worthy of it. You only need to be welcoming people into your life who are actually able to brighten your days; the ones who are able to exude positivity and optimism at all times.

You only have very limited time on this earth. And that is why you always have to be conscious of the choices that you make. You can’t afford to be wasting your time on people who are only going to bring destruction and toxicity to your life.

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