9 Intimate Things You Can Do To Win Her Heart

If you’re looking to win her over, then you need to know that intimacy is the key.

Intimacy is always the name of the game when it comes to getting a girl to fall for you. You have to remember that getting someone to fall in love with you isn’t necessarily going to be so simple – but it doesn’t have to be so complicated either. You just have to make sure that you know how to approach love in the right way; and you are already putting yourself in the best possible position to get a girl to trust you with her heart.

And it’s really all built on getting her to trust you. And how do you do that? You have to be able to get intimate with her. You have to prove yourself as someone who she can rely on; someone she can open up to without fear of getting hurt or manipulated. You have to be able to show to her that you aren’t just playing her; that you’re the real deal. And that all begins with you establishing a level of intimacy with her that you can grow and nurture over time. Intimacy entails physical and emotional closeness. And so you have to get her to feel comfortable with cozying up to you.

Don’t worry if you’re new to the game or if you don’t exactly know where to start. Love doesn’t exactly come with a set of instructions. You’re going to have to figure things out as you go. But you don’t have to be taking shots in the dark either. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Don’t wait for her to send the first text message.

Show her that you’re willing to take the initiative with her. Prove to her that you aren’t a guy who is just going to play it coy with her. Be upfront with her about how you feel and never allow her to doubt your intentions. Don’t make her think that you’re just playing with her in some sort of emotional power struggle.

Learn to read between the lines and figure out how she really feels.

Don’t wait for her to read everything out to you. Read between the lines. Girls like it when guys are able to really tell how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking. Show her that you’re the kind of guy who is genuinely invested in how she feels and that you don’t’ take her feelings for granted.

Don’t be withholding of your compliments for her.

Shower her with compliments – but don’t be fake about it either. You don’t want to be patronizing her or putting her on a pedestal. Just compliment her enough to let her know that you appreciate her and that you really take notice of the things about her that she should be proud of.

Show enthusiasm and happiness for her personal achievements.

She is going to love it if you are able to make her feel like her own happiness is your own happiness as well. She will get really close to you if you are overjoyed with her personal achievements and successes in life.

Make an effort to get closer to the people who she loves the most.

Make an effort to really integrate yourself into her life. Show her that you are up for the challenge of really adopting the way that she lives her life; and by immersing yourself into her social circle as well.

Express empathy whenever she’s going through some tough times.

You don’t always have to solve her problems for her. In fact, you shouldn’t. If she’s going through some rough times, just express empathy; and give her some extra emotional support to help motivate her to overcome her troubles.

Show her that you’re willing to make compromises for her.

You have to be able to convince her that you aren’t going to be selfish when you’re dealing with her. You have to prove your willingness to be in a serious relationship with her by letting her know that you’re always open to compromise. You have to show her that you aren’t just in it for yourself; that you’re also looking out for her needs as well.

Prove your commitment and loyalty to her.

Truthfully, all women just want to be with a man they can really rely on when it comes to commitment and loyalty. You have to prove to her that you’re really in it. She’s not going to want to invest herself in a relationship with you if she can’t see that you are investing yourself in it as well.

Be your true and authentic self.

Lastly, make sure that you aren’t being fake with her. Always keep it real, as they say. Show her that you are comfortable enough with her to just be your true and authentic self. That is the most effective way of getting her to trust you. And in turn, you are also giving her permission to feel comfortable with just being herself as well. And when you are both comfortable enough to just be yourselves, that’s a level of intimacy that you can really build your relationship around.

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