9 Lies Most Women Will Use On First Dates

First date lies be like…

There is a lot of pressure for girls to give off a good impression during the first date. As they say, you only have one chance at making a good first impression and so you can’t squander your opportunity. That is the reason a lot of women will be on their absolute best behavior during the first date. They will want to project the best versions of themselves in an effort to make a really good first impression. However, some women tend to take it to a whole new level and they will exaggerate who they really are in an effort to overcompensate for what they lack. In other words, they will use some seemingly innocent white lies to win over the affections of the guy.

A lot of these lies tend to be very harmless, but it all really depends on the situation. You just have to be the judge of whether you can overlook her minor dishonesty on your very first meeting. Some men will find these efforts to lie quite cute and endearing. To others, dishonesty can be a blatant deal breaker. Different tastes for different folks. But it never hurts to be in the know. Be wary. Be careful. These are some examples of common lies that women tend to use on their first dates.

1. I love the outdoors!

Chances are, she doesn’t. She’s just trying to portray an image of an active and adventurous girl who likes to go out and explore the world. A lot of girls aren’t really going to be so fond of that active life. In fact, a lot of girls practically abhor outdoor activities, but they know that this is something that a lot of men find attractive. And so they will try to oversell their passion for the great outdoors. 

2. I have a really small appetite.

Of course, if a girl has a hearty appetite, then she isn’t going to want to let you know about it right on the first date. A lot of girls are made to believe that men like them to be dainty, demure, conservative, and reserved especially when it comes to their table manners. That’s why a lot of girls will tend to understate their love for food. 

3. I have never gotten drunk in my life.

No one wants to date the girl who can’t handle her alcohol well at parties. But chances are, she’s probably had her fair share of nights wherein alcohol got the best of her. Of course, she’s not going to be willing to admit that to you on the first date. She also won’t want to give you any ideas about getting her drunk on your first date so you can get lucky.

4. I don’t really pay much attention to my diet.

Of course she has. Every girl has paid attention to what they eat at least once in their lives. She doesn’t want to come off as someone who is insecure or self-conscious about her figure, and so she’s going to be a little nonchalant about it. But she’s probably lying. Of course she cares about how she looks. She cares a whole lot more than she is letting on. 

5. I get ready fairly quickly in the mornings.

She doesn’t. No girl does. A lot of girls are always going to lie about how fast it takes them to get ready before going out. They know that men don’t like to be kept waiting for them to get ready and so in an effort to impress you, she is severely going to downplay her slow preparations.

6. I’m not really active in the dating world.

Then why would she be dating you if she wasn’t being active in the dating world? This is just a common lie that women use to make the man that they’re with feel special. Also, she wouldn’t want you to feel threatened at the thought of her still seeing other people. She would want you to feel that she’s exclusively dating you even though she isn’t. 

7. I love that too!

That band that you really love? Yeah, she doesn’t love them even though she claims that she does. Rock climbing? CrossFit? She doesn’t love doing those things. She only tells you that she does because she knows that that’s what you want to hear. Don’t fret though. It means she’s really desperate for your affections when she lies to you like this. 

8. I really love to cook!

A lot of girls will lie about their cooking skills because they know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. The way that she talks about her cooking prowess she’s going to make it seem like she’s Gordon Ramsey’s daughter or something.

9. I’m an avid bookworm.

In an effort to come off as cultured and intelligent, she is going to tell you that she reads a lot or perhaps that she’s fond of renaissance art or some other deep cultural activities. She doesn’t want you to think that she’s just some basic girl even though she truly is. 

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