9 Major Relationship Turn-Offs That Will Destroy A Couple

Being in a meaningful relationship with someone you deeply care about can bring joy. But there are things to watch out for as you get closer. Our worries and fears can make us do things that upset our partners.

Here’s a list of big mistakes to avoid that could harm your relationship if you’re not careful.

1. Extreme jealousy

Feeling jealous in relationships can be a problem, especially if it’s extreme. It’s normal to be jealous when your partner spends time with others often, but if you feel jealous about simple things like them being with family or close friends once in a while, think about why you’re feeling this.

2. Controlling behavior

A partner who tries to control everything can be a major turn-off. Even though you’re in a committed relationship, remember that you’re still people who deserve personal freedom. It’s healthy to have your own time and activities. Be cautious if you or your partner displays controlling behavior, always needing to know each other’s whereabouts and actions. This kind of behavior could seriously harm your relationship.

3. An obsession with exes

We’ve all had previous relationships, and it’s natural to compare them to our current one. But dwelling on the past can harm your new relationship. Enjoy the moments with your current partner without bringing up your exes. If you keep thinking about your ex, it might harm your new relationship and could potentially ruin it.

4. Lack of sympathy

When things get tough, we often turn to our partners for comfort. If your partner can’t provide that comfort or understanding, it can harm your relationship. Real love means caring about each other’s feelings. If you don’t feel concerned when your partner is struggling, it’s worth considering whether you’re in the right relationship for the right reasons.

5. Being unsupportive of goals and dreams

A supportive partner encourages their loved one’s dreams and aspirations. In a toxic relationship, either you or your partner might feel uneasy about the other’s pursuit of success or improvement in life. If either of you tries to undermine or manipulate the other into giving up on their goals, it could be a serious problem that threatens your relationship.

6. Overly Clinginess

Being overly clingy can harm relationships greatly. Wanting to be with your partner constantly and tracking their every move without giving them space or freedom is a major issue. The same goes if your partner behaves this way with you. Everyone needs personal space, and if this isn’t respected, it could seriously harm your relationship.

7. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is when someone makes another person feel like they’re overreacting or being unreasonable when their feelings are valid. It’s often used to avoid taking responsibility for one’s actions. If you or your partner use this tactic to shift blame and not admit mistakes, it’s a serious issue that can damage your relationship.

8. Emotional manipulation

Emotional manipulation is a harmful behavior found in many relationships. It’s like making someone feel guilty to get your way. If your partner makes you feel bad for doing things they don’t like, such as spending time with friends or making choices, that’s emotional manipulation, and it’s not okay.

9. Lack of physical affection

Being physically close is crucial in relationships. While some value touch more than others, it’s still important in any romantic relationship. If one person avoids physical affection or isn’t open to it, it can damage the relationship over time.

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