9 Men Reveal The Sexiest Thing About Their Girlfriends That Turns Them On

Men, what turns you on? 💁‍♂️

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1.“The sexiest thing about my girl is her humor. There’s just something so incredibly attractive about a girl who is able to crack a joke at the exact right moment. I get really turned on by her with and her charm. She is so sharp and I know that that translates to being a really great partner in a relationship. She always maintains a good sense of awareness of who she is and how she’s impacting the people around her.” – Marvin, 26

2. “I get really turned on whenever I know that my girl is wearing sexy underwear underneath her demure clothes. She is a typically very conservative dresser. She doesn’t go all out with her cloths and she isn’t too flashy either. But whenever she tells me that she’s wearing flashy and sexy underwear, it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like she’s saving a secret just for me and it really turns me on.” – Emilio, 28

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3. “Weirdly enough, I find it really sexy whenever my girl does things that bring her back down to heart; things that make her seem more human. Too often, I idealize the people that I’m with; especially my girl. And it’s nice to be reminded of her humanity every now and then. Even something as simple as farting in front of me can remind me that she isn’t a goddess. She’s a human – just like me. And that’s just so hot.” – Gabriel, 22

4. “This might seem like a really specific turn-on, but I just can’t help myself. It really turns me on as I’m watching my girl get dressed. It’s such a delicate and meticulous process. She has such great attention to detail to the point that it fascinates me. She puts so much effort and attention into what she’s doing. It’s almost robotic. And of course, the end product is that she looks amazing as usual. And I’m just awestruck at the idea of being in front of someone so beautiful.” – Thomas, 33

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5. “It’s not really something that a lot of other people would find amazing or special; but it’s something that really girds up my loins. It super turns me on whenever she sticks her tongue out at me in such a playful manner. She isn’t even doing it to be flirty. She’s not doing it to get me into the mood. She’s not doing it to turn me on. She’s just trying to be fun and playful. And yet, I find it so sexy. I just want to take her tongue and put mine up against it.” – David, 30

6. “I find it really sexy whenever my girl sings. I’m lucky enough to be dating a girl who is musically gifted. And I’m genuinely certain that she has the voice that has been gifted by the heavens. She is a walking angel on earth. She has such an amazing singing voice even when she isn’t trying to sound great. Sometimes, I’ll catch her just singing casually to herself as she’s doing chores around the house. And I get really turned on by how talented she is.” – Aaron, 26

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7. “If I could only choose one thing that my girl does that really turns me on, it’s the way she plays with her hair. She doesn’t really have the straightest or best-kept hair. It’s slightly messy and wavy; and I love that about her. It’s so natural. It’s so real. It reminds me of how a girl would look right after waking up. She really rocks her hair well. And whenever she draws attention to her hair by twirling it around, it just drives my crazy on in the inside with affection.” – Tim, 29

8. “This is going to sound really weird because I’m not a reader myself. In fact, I can’t even seem to find the patience to finish a single book. But my girlfriend is quite the bookworm. She consumes books like they’re food. And I love that about her. Sometimes, I’ll just come home to her sitting comfortable in our little nook in the living room reading her books. And it’s in those moments wherein I find myself becoming so attracted to her. I get really turned on at how passionate she is about reading. I never knew books would be able to seduce me.” – Kevin, 23

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9. “You probably already know where I’m going with his, but my girl is a dancer; and she’s a really good one at that. She’s really purposeful with the way that she moves; as if there’s a reason for every subtle flow of her arms. She moves with such grace and poise; I can’t help myself. I get really aroused when I see her entranced in a dance. I just love it when she’s in her element.” – Axel, 29