9 Micro-Habits That Are Keeping You Single

You may be the reason why you’re single. Give this a read.

Are you stuck ina rut? Are you having trouble finding people who would be willing to be in arelationship with you? Perhaps what you need is a break in the monotony. Maybeyou need to shake things up a little in life. Maybe you need to stop doing afew things and start building new habits. A lot of times, there are plenty oflittle habits that we keep doing that sabotage our chances of getting intorelationships. And these habits have a tendency to be performed unnoticed orsubconsciously. You have to develop a sense of self-awareness if you want tofind success in dating. You have to know how people react to you and how theyperceive you as a person.

If you continueto go on in life nonchalantly without caring about fixing your attitude orpersonality, then you will have a very difficult time finding someone who wouldactually like you. You need to learn to project the best possible version ofyourself as a person. You have to exude a character that is mature, stable,kind, and patient. To do that, you will have to rid yourself of a few habitsthat are holding you back.

1. You still keep in touch with your exes.

Move on. Thereis a reason that your previous relationship ended. There is a reason that youwant to move forward in your life. There is no way that you could successfullymove on in life and in love if you are still always staying in touch with yourex. No person in their right mind would want to date someone who is still hungover an ex.

2. You have settled for waiting for your crush’s relationshipto end.

You don’t wantto date anyone else because you have a very specific target in mind. You havethis crush who just happens to be in a relationship now. You can’t exactlyswoop in and steal your crush; you don’t want that kind of karma on your hands.So you just choose to wait for your crush’s relationship to end even though itmay never will. You are letting life pass you by and you are choosing to ignoreso many opportunities to be happy with someone else.

3. You only choose to date people who fit a very specificphysical type you have.

You have a veryspecific physical standard that you hold all your dating prospects to. Youshould probably let go of those standards. Be more open and receptive todifferent kinds of people. Down the line, the looks won’t really matter. Thephysical attributes will be but a footnote when it comes to determining whatyou love about a person. Be more flexible in that area. – Continue reading on the next page

4. You are only trying to win the breakup with your formerflames.

If the onlyreason you want to get into a relationship with someone new is because youdon’t want an ex to win the breakup, then you’re never going to find success.You are trying to find new love for all the wrong reasons and the universe hasa way of correcting those wrongs.

5. You focus a lot of energy on wanting other peoples’relationships to crumble.

Misery lovescompany. You attract the kind of philosophy that you espouse. If you take avery vindictive and pessimistic view on the relationships of other people, thenthat is the kind of energy that you are going to attract into your own life aswell.

6. You set unreasonable expectations for every romanticexperience.

You believe intoo much just a little too quickly. You have very high expectations and you endup getting disappointed and discouraged very quickly because of them.

7. You expose too much of yourself online.

Nobody everlikes being around someone who can’t keep things together. You have to stopbroadcasting your entire life on social media. You have to learn to graduallyease your way into the lives of people. Remember that relationships are aboutslow discoveries and no one ever likes getting everything at once.

8. You surround yourself with a group of friends who make youa terrible person.

Your company iswhat help shape you to become who you are. If you are around the kind of peoplewho are bad for you, then you are most likely becoming a bad person yourself.You have to take a good hard look at the people you choose to surround yourselfwith. Always make an effort to have a group of friends who are good influenceson you. They should help build your character to become a better person. Thebetter you become as a person, the more likeable you will be as well.

9. You don’t step outside your comfort zone.

You like to stayin your little safe space of comfort. You don’t like to immerse yourself in theworlds of others because you’re afraid and hesitant. If you never leave yourbubble, then you are choosing to reject a whole new world of opportunities. Younever know when the love of your life is hanging out at a place that makes youuncomfortable. 

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