9 Mind Games That Women Play In Relationships

Don’t be so naïve so as to think that your woman isn’t playing mind games with you in your relationship. That an inherent aspect of social interaction. You have to know that there is always going to be some level of manipulation in your relationship – sometimes, it can be done out of selfish reasons; and it can also be done for good. But of course, you would never want to be made a fool of in your own relationship. You always want the girl you love to be open to you. You always want complete honesty and sincerity between the two of you. You don’t want to be manipulated by the girl you love; even if it’s for the noblest of reasons. You always want to feel like you are being valued and respected.

That’s why it’s key that you are able to identify these mind games as they happen to you so that you are able to defend yourself better when they take place. You will be able to safeguard yourself from these acts of manipulation when you make yourself more aware of what they are.

1. She makes you wait longer than you should have to.

You try to ring her to get in touch with her, but she waits at least a few rings before she picks up. You text her to try and initiate a conversation, but then she doesn’t reply to you for hours – maybe even a few days. She makes you wait because she wants to seem like a wanted commodity. She doesn’t want to make herself too available to you.

2. She guilts you for lingering on her sexy outfits.

This is a common trap that a lot of men find themselves in with their women. She is going to want to grab your attention by wearing provocative clothing. She is going to want to draw your eyes to the parts of her that she’s trying to highlight. And when she catches you, she’s going to make you feel bad. She’s going to make you feel guilty about letting yourself fall into that trap.

3. She uses sex as a bargaining chip.

Boys, don’t give in to the misconception that men want sex more than women do. Women really do like sex just as much as guys. It’s just that they milk this little-known fact to their advantage. If they’re going to have sex with you, they will want to get something out of it. Don’t be played like a fiddle next time.

4. She goes on mood swings to test your level of tolerance.

She will want to see just how much crazy you can tolerate. She will want to see if you’re still going to stay with her even if she’s going to go on some pretty intense mood swings. She will want to test if you’re really willing to put up with her.

5. She will play the victim in life.

She is going to make it seem like the whole world is against her and that luck just isn’t on her side. She will play the role of a victim so that you feel sorry for her. She will guilt you into trying to overcompensate for everything that is happening to her even if none of it is your fault.

6. She baits you into saying the wrong thing.

She asks you really provocative questions like: “Do I look fat in this?” “Is my hair okay?” and other such queries. And the truth is that she’s just trying to get you to say the wrong thing so that she can make you feel guilty about it.

7. She will flirt with other guys to see how jealous she can make you.

She’s going to see just how much you want her. She’s going to want to check if you actually like her enough to fight for her. She wants to see if you’re willing to compete with other men for her attention. She really wants to make sure that you’re willing to put in the effort for her.

8. She makes you pay for expensive items and dates.

She is trying to test the limits of your spending power for her. She is acting like a bit of a gold digger here and so you have to be very careful. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is just in it for the money. She just wants to see how far she can go.

9. She gives you the silent treatment.

This is probably one of the most classic out of all the mind games. Seemingly out of the blue, your girl just stops talking to you. And here’s the worst part of it; you don’t know why – and you don’t know for how long she’s going to keep this going. This is just her simple way of trying to make you nervous and anxious. She just wants to stress you out a little.

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