9 Mistakes Everyone Makes In Their First Long-Term Relationship

How many of these mistakes are you guilty of?

Relationshipsare never as easy as they make it out to be in the movies or in the fairytales.It’s not always going to be smooth roads and comfortable rides. There will be alot of speed bumps. There will be a lot of ups and downs. The reason why that’sthe case is because relationships will always be inherently imperfect. And thereason that relationships are inherently imperfect is because all human beingsare imperfect. All human beings are flawed. All human beings are going to makemistakes and screw up eventually.

The key topreserving longevity in relationships is to minimize mistakes as much aspossible. However, these mistakes are inevitable, and the best kinds ofrelationships are those that are able to endure these mistakes and learn fromthem. The best way to improve the chances of your relationship not falling overa cliff is to be aware of the common mistakes that people make inrelationships. Once you are aware of these common mistakes, it would be bestfor you to avoid them the best way that you can. Knowledge is power in thissituation. The sooner you know that you’re doing something wrong, then thesooner you can work on trying to remedy yourself. Here are some common mistakesthat you are prone to making when you enter a new relationship.

1. You always ditch your friends in favor of your newpartner.

It’s neverhealthy to isolate yourself from the people who matter the most to you in life.Of course, granted, in relationships, you will be alone with your partner mostof the time. It’s what’s going to separate you from being mere friends oracquaintances. But that shouldn’t mean that you completely cut yourself offfrom other parts of your social circle.

2. You compare your relationship to other peoples’relationships.

Comparisons arenever healthy in relationships. Each relationship will always be distinct andunique because of the complexity of personalities involved. That’s why it makesabsolutely no sense for people to be comparing their relationships with others.Another important mistake related to this would be to compare your currentpartner with your ex.

3. You try to control the relationship too much.

Relationshipsaren’t supposed to be controlled or manipulated. Relationships are too complexfor human beings to completely have full control over. When you try to becometoo controlling in a relationship, you may be bringing a huge bulk of stressupon yourselves as a couple. This stress is unnecessary and it can be verydestructive to any relationship.

4. You avoid having difficult discussions with each other.

You don’t liketalking about the big things. You don’t like to have the important argumentswith each other. You don’t like planning for the future because it intimidatesyou. That’s a big problem right there. As a couple, you can’t just choose toignore the difficult parts of life. You have to face them head on and hope thateverything turns out for the best.

5. You don’t maintain open lines of communication with oneanother.

Communication isimportant in every relationship. When you are closing yourselves off from oneanother, then the relationship is doomed. You have to create a space in yourrelationship wherein both of you can be pen and honest to each other withoutfear of being judged.

6. You have trouble being sensitive and patient with eachother.

Sensitivity andpatience are very important when it comes to preserving a relationship. Humanbeings are very complex entities. Sometimes, it can be difficult for us tounderstand where other people are coming from. It can be hard for us to connectwith some people on an emotional level sometimes. That’s why we must always besensitive and patient in a relationship. We can’t automatically hate someonejust because we don’t understand them well.

7. You don’t value respect in the relationship.

No relationship on the face of this earth,whether romantic or not, has ever survived without respect. People must alwayslearn to respect one another if they are to have a relationship together. Youcan’t expect to be belittling and demeaning your partner every chance you getwithout suffering a broken relationship in the end.

8. You love the relationship, but not the person.

You are in arelationship with a person, not an idea. You have to get to know the person.Understand what makes that person tick. Accept that that person is going tohave flaws and vulnerabilities. Know that that person isn’t an idea or afantasy. This relationship is real, raw, and imperfect; and you’re going tohave to accept and love all parts of it.

9. You become too territorial and possessive.

You can’t affordto be overly territorial in a relationship. You can’t be treating your partnerlike a prized possession. Your partner is a human being who is entitled toprinciples of individuality and freedom. You can’t treat your partner likesomething you own; like an object that you are unwilling to share with others. 

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