9 MUST-DO’S in a relationship

Every serious relationship demands a couple of things, without them a relationship will begin or continue to have problems.В If you want to ensure a healthy and happy relationship, these things listed below are a must-do to ensure your partner is happy and more in love than ever.


We have all heard this and it’s something we all already know but at times even though we know it we often forget the importance.В We feel that we have done enough to express our love towards our partner and we start taking it for granted that our partner already knows that we love them. This is where things start to go wrong.В Remember, It is never ever enough. You have got to keep on expressing in various ways, every day, to express your love to your partner.В May it be a sticky note on the fridge or a kiss on the cheek, a compliment or giving your jacket to her on a cold night or watching his favourite sport with him!В Just express in your special little ways.


Always be there to listen to your partner, whatever they have to say. Relationship is more than going out, having fun and being physical.В Meaningful relationships are built on words and moments of silence you’ve spent with each other.В Be the first one to ask your partner how there day has been, don’t just ask but listen carefully. Give your advice according to your understanding so your partner notices that you are taking interest.В Similarly, share about your day, tell them details so they can be a part of your day as much as you are.


There is no relationship without trust. Often people find a relationship worth holding on to after various unpleasant experiences and that’s why many a times they have issues in trusting their partner.В Learn to push your bad experiences behind you, in the past, where they belong and learn to trust your partner.В Don’t get into a relationship unless and until you trust them completely.


When people say ˜be there for your partner’,В they actually mean that you need to help them!В Help them physically, emotionally, mentally and every which way possible.В Whether it’s about fixing a chair or fixing your partner’s emotional state, you’ve got to help them because only you have been given that power by your partner.В When they say they love you, that means they love every bit of you and everything you do, so be confident when you take a decision to help them in some way. Believe in yourself that you can fix whatever is wrong in their life.


It’s important to have the element of surprise in your relationship. It makes both of you to look forward to spending time with each other.В It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new dress or an expensive cologne. It could even be something a lot simpler, like cooking for your partner after they have had a long tiring day.
Drawing a bath with candles and flowers for you and your partner to relax in or it could be as spontaneous as arranging a gaming night for your man and his friends.В There are a thousand ways you can surprise your partner, you’ve just got to have that will every once in a while.


Again, even though you think your partner already knows how much you appreciate them, still do it.
Even if you have said it before, say it differently again.В Everyone likes compliments and being appreciated throughout their lives. Have you ever heard of someone saying "I’m done with all the appreciation in my life, I don’t want it anymore!" No!… right?В So always tell your partner how much you value the efforts and things they do for you.


One thing I personally love is that after all these months, in fact almost a year, my partner often messages me at work to check how my day was going also if I took lunch, makes my day. Initially I thought this is something that happens in every relationship and after a few months it stops since you both gradually stop practicing it but the fact that she still does it makes me feel loved and cared for.В Also, it makes me believe some things never change. Do that with your partner, it matters.


Make a habit of something.В Like I and my partner will never leave the house without a kiss and it’s the first thing we do when either one of us comes home.В It’s our little practice and it’s something we take very seriously.В Such practices are silent promises of a relationship that mark the continuity and the strength of a relationship. Whether It’s going for a walk every night or watching TV together, make a habit that involves the two of you, together.


This is the most important thing that every person should do.В At the end of the day when you lie down on the bed, recall every small thing your partner does that many others don’t do in their relationship!В Be thankful for those things cause what you have today many don’t.

This small little practice will always keep your heart filled with love for your partner and will also help you let go of the small negative things that pop up every now and then.

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What is your favourite thing with your partner? What do the two of you share that just makes you smile whenever you think about it? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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