9 Obvious Signs That He Loves You For Real

True love is a dance. It’s give and take. It’s a healthy exchange of admiration and affection. When love is one-sided, then it isn’t really true love. That’s unrequited love – and that’s the kind of love that’s not sustainable. Whenever you fall in love with someone, you always want that person to fall in love with you as well. If you feel like that person just doesn’t have a chance at falling for you, then you stop yourself from being more invested than you already are.

Managing expectations is key to protecting your heart and keeping yourself guarded in love and relationships. If you know that a situation just isn’t going to be a good fit for you, then it would be wise for you to walk away before you get really deep into it. But if you feel like there is some serious potential there, then it’s definitely not a chance that you would want to pass on so easily.

Love is always going to be a risk. It’s not something that you can be assured of. It’s never going to give you the certainty that you want. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to find some peace of mind as you gauge your romantic prospects. Sometimes, a guy is going to be exhibiting certain signs that he loves you without him even realizing it. And you’re going to have to be perceptive enough to know whether that’s the case.

If you find that the guy you’re interested in is guilty of the following signs, then consider yourself lucky. It’s very likely that he loves you for real.

1. He inconveniences himself just to make you happy.

He doesn’t mind going the extra mile just to make you happy. He really does whatever he can to make sure that your life is as easy and as comfortable as possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s inconvenient for him or not, he’s always going to try to put a smile on your face.

2. He prioritizes you above other things in life.

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He isn’t afraid to make you feel like a genuine priority in his life. He doesn’t make your relationship revolve around his entire life. But he always makes it a point to prioritize the relationship. He spends as much time and energy as he needs to on your relationship because he doesn’t take it or you for granted.

3. He turns to you for advice.

He is genuinely interested in your input. He wants to hear about what you have to say. He is starting to adjust his life so as to accommodate your thoughts and opinions on things. He is slowly learning to rely on your perspective because he is developing a sense of trust in you.

4. He talks about future plans with you.

He shows a willingness to talk future plans with you because he doesn’t see what you have as just some casual fling or short-term hookup. He wants a real relationship with you; something that you can really build on for the future.

5. He really listens to you when you talk.

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He really takes the time to listen to you whenever you want to get something off your chest. He offers himself up to you whenever you feel the need to express yourself. He never makes you feel like you aren’t free to say what’s on your mind whenever you are in his company.

6. He is liberal with his compliments for you.

He doesn’t shy away from showering you with lots of compliments and positive comments about your personality. He wants to make you feel better about yourself. He wears his heart on his sleeve with you. He isn’t afraid of expressing his admiration for who you are as a person.

7. He talks about you to his friends and family.

Even the most important people in his life won’t be able to get away from hearing your name because he’s always talking about you. It just goes to show that you have a profound effect on him and that you’re always on his mind even when you’re not around.

8. He shows initiative in the relationship.

He isn’t afraid of actually taking the initiative in your relationship. He doesn’t leave you to do all of the heavy liftings. He’s the one who shows that he’s deeply invested in the relationship by acting without having to be prompted to do so. He isn’t afraid of acting on how he feels.

9. He always has your best interests in mind.

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He always makes sure that your needs are being met. He genuinely looks out for you even when you don’t ask him to. He is a guy who always has your back. He’s the kind of guy you can always count on regardless of the situation.

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