9 Of The Most Annoying But Effective Things You Can Do To Have A Happy Healthy Relationship

No matter how angry you are, don’t ever yell.

There isabsolutely no truth in the saying that love and relationships are always easyand smooth. They rarely ever are. You always have to work very hard to make arelationship work. You have to practice lots of patience and understanding inorder to preserve the harmony in a relationship. First of all, it takes a lotof people years and years of romantic experimentation before they finally findthe person they truly love. Second, it takes a lot of dedication and commitmentto make that love work. Sometimes, not even pure dedication and resilience canmake a love work. Sometimes, it all comes down to timing and good luck.

As beautiful aslove is, it can still be a big pain in the butt a lot of times. A lot of peoplewill find themselves asking whether love really is worth all the pain andsacrifice for. The short answer is yes. Love is always worth it. Love is whatmotivates us to wake up early morning to go on and live life. Love is whatallows us to tap into our deepest vulnerabilities and take control over thethings we can. Love is what drives us to become the best possible versions ofourselves. Love teaches us to never take the little things for granted and toalways value whatever time we are given.

That’s why themature people are always willing to make sacrifices in the name of love. Theyare willing to do the things that they don’t necessarily enjoy doing topreserve the love in their life. If you happen to be lucky enough to findyourself in a loving relationship, then you shouldn’t take that for granted. Doyour best to make your love work for you. Invest in your relationship the waythat you would in your career. Put in the necessary work that is required ofyou even when you don’t want to. Here are a few irritating things that you haveto do to make sure you have a good relationship.

1. Refrain from yelling even when they’re upsetting you.

Never raise yourvoice against your partner. Nothing good could ever come from this situation.Learn to always speak calmly and always practice maximum patience when you’retalking to each other. You don’t want to end up saying or doing something thatyou’re going to regret.

2. Learn to be okay with the fact that your time is no longerentirely your own.

When you getinto a relationship with someone, your time is no longer entirely your own. Youhave to be okay with the idea that you are now sharing your time. Yes, yourpartner should give you your occasional space and opportunities for solitude,but these are rare commodities in a relationship.

3. Spend equal time with each other’s families.

You might not like your partner’s familybut you have to understand that they mean the world to your partner. Know howimportant your partner considers his/her family to be. That’s why it shouldalso be important for you to have your partner’s family accept you into theircircle.

4. Learn how to constructively deal with the ways that youannoy each other.

You will constantly have little quirks andhabits that will annoy one another. The key in dealing with these points ofconflict is to always maintain open lines of communication. Always be willingto talk things out and find a way to work around these frustrations that youshare.

5. Swallow your pride and apologize when you’re wrong.

Being proud willget you nowhere in a relationship. You always have to learn to swallow yourpride and take that hit to your ego every once in a while. If you’re wrong,just apologize. Your partner will love you even more for taking the high road.

6. Make an effort to have your partner’s friends like you.

Similar tohaving your partner’s family like you, you should also make an effort to haveyour partner’s friends like you. Don’t put your partner in a position of havingto choose between you and his/her friends. No one wins in that situation.

7. Learn to let go of any resentment once you’re past anargument or disagreement.

When you’re in arelationship, you will argue with each other. There is no getting around thatfact. The key is in learning to let go of any resentment once you’re past anargument. There’s nothing healthy that comes out of being vindictive andholding a grudge in the relationship.

8. Do errands for your partner even when you don’t want to.

You’re supposedto work as a team. There will be times wherein your partner will feeloverwhelmed and swamped. Be a nice person and try to ease their stresses bydoing some chores on their behalf. You won’t necessarily enjoy doing the chorebut they will love you so much more for it.

9. Make compromises every now and then.

Relationshipshave to be built on compromise. That’s the only way for two differentindividuals to come together in a union. They both have to be able to establisha middle ground. They have to be able to make some compromises every now andthen for the sake of the relationship. 

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