9 Perfect Reasons For You And Your Partner To Get It On Every Day

Healthy sex leads to a healthier you.

It’s not all about the ecstasy that comes with getting to that climax with your partner. That’s not the only benefit of getting it on with your significant other. There are so many other benefits that come with having sex with your partner that affect your mental, physical, and emotional state as well. In fact, the benefits that come with getting it on with your partner every day are enough to outweigh all of negatives (if there even are any). But if you feel like you and your partner are in need of a little more convincing, then just read on until the end of this article. Here are 9 perfect reasons that you and your partner should be getting it on every day.

1. You end up learning different ways for you to approach climax.

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of sex is to achieve orgasm together. And when you and your partner are having sex on a daily basis, then you are consistently given the opportunity to explore and find new ways for you to achieve orgasms together. It gives you a chance to mix things up and keep things exciting.

2. Daily sex is a great way to relieve stress and increase intimacy in the relationship.

Oxytocin is a known chemical that releases itself in your body whenever you have sex. It’s primarily responsible for placing you in a good mood and alleviating the stress that you’re experiencing. To add to that, daily sex is going to help build the level of physical intimacy that you and your partner have together in the relationship.

3. Sex is also a form of strenuous physical activity that counts as exercise.

You have to take every opportunity that you have to take part in a physically fit lifestyle. That’s why you must always make it a point to exercise daily. And when you are always having sex, that means that you and your partner are not only making one another happy, you’re getting fit together as well.

4. Sex gives you and your partner a new opportunity to explore one another.

Relationships are supposed to be made of constant discoveries that you and your partner have with one another. You are constantly learning and discovering more things about each other as you grow older together. And what better way to explore each other’s bodies than with sexual activities?

5. Daily sex increases both of your stamina in the bedroom.

Let’s face it. It often takes the woman much longer to achieve climax than the man. And sometimes, the man tends to blow his load a lot earlier than desired. But with constant practice with daily sex, the man can actually train his sexual endurance so as to give maximal pleasure to his woman.

6. Daily sex gives you more opportunities to achieve multiple orgasms.

More orgasms is going to equal to more enjoyment. The more that you have sex, the more you’re going to reach climax, and the happier the both of you are eventually going to feel. And the best part is that it’s a perfectly natural form of happiness.

7. Daily sex can help improve and strengthen your body’s immune system.

Sex is shown to actually trigger the release of immunoglobulin A; a chemical which actually helps strengthens the body’s immune system. So while making love to your partner, you are essentially also strengthening your own body’s ability to withstand diseases and viral infections. Who would have known that sex would be a great way for you to fight off the flu?

8. Daily sex is a great way to boost one’s state of emotions.

On the surface, sex is always going to be seen as a physical act and that’s true. But it’s so much more than that. Sex is the physical manifestation of our deepest emotions. And when we are truly in love with our partners, we are constantly looking for ways to express and channel that love into something real and concrete. Sex is the ultimate physical manifestation of two peoples’ love for one another. It’s a great expression of affection and it’s one of the most effective ways to build intimacy within a relationship.

9. Daily sex is like the fountain of youth.

When you take into consideration all of the physical and mental benefits that come with having constant sex with your partner, it makes perfect sense that daily sex helps preserve your youthful energy. If you always want to feel like a young and free individual with the liberal spirit, then daily sex is a great way to go about achieving that feeling.

There are so many other reasons why daily sex with your partner is always a good idea and these are only 9 of them. The point is to never be afraid to be fully vulnerable with each other’s bodies because it’s the best way for the both of you to build your intimacy and love for one another.

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