9 Phrases more important than I love you

Say it like you mean it!

Love is a lot more than three words. It is a lot more than just falling for someone’s looks and it is a lot more than what we initially expect it to be. Love is about appreciating the failures. Becoming fond of someone’s flaws. Becoming someone’s courage in hard times. And the best way to show all of this is through your words.

The simplest and most underestimated way, we feel words can’t really change things in a relationship but here are a few phrases that can really change your relationship, can save your relationship, can strengthen your relationship. Here is a list of phrases that are more important than ‘I love you’.

1. I am so lucky to have you

When you will truly fall for someone, you won’t have to find reasons to feel lucky. One day, out of nowhere, you will look at your partner and a realisation will hit you, that you would give anything away to have this moment, forever.

You will feel that you aren’t worthy enough to have someone so great in your life and that is when you truly feel lucky. When you do, don’t forget to tell your partner, don’t keep this feeling hidden away from them because nothing says I love you’ more than saying these words. You are actually making your partner feel that it feels no less than a miracle to you, to have them in their life.

2. I am sorry

Love knows no ego. You are only rising in the eyes of your partner if you are saying these three words. Saying that you are sorry, after a fight or a mistake, does not make you weaker, it only makes you someone who loves their partner a lot and someone who doesn’t want to waste time in proving something. If you love someone, deeply, you will not hesitate in asking for forgiveness.

3. I forgive you’

Similarly, when you see that your partner is truly sorry and is apologising, respond in the best possible way by forgiving them. We let go of things when we love someone and trust them, when we know that any action that hurts us cannot be done, intentionally, by this person. So why hold grudges or stay upset?

Have faith in your partner and build your relationship on that. Forgiveness is one of the foundations of a long-lasting relationship.

4. I’m here for you

As I have said before, when you love a person, you don’t just love an aspect of their life or their personality. You accept them as a whole, it is a package deal! You get the good and the bad, but here is a funny thing about love; when you love someone, even the worst things about them look beautiful to you because those very things have helped your partner be the kind of person that they really are.

So when hard times hit them and they need a hand to balance themselves, be that balance. Be there to help them and be there to show them that you are that one constant thing in there life.

5. I support you

Being the support system of your partner makes you an ideal partner. The kind of encouragement and motivation your love and support can give your partner, nothing can!

So be there to tell them that they can do it, they can achieve it and when they do, you will be the first one to clap for them!

6. I am never going to leave you alone

Ensure your partner that you are there to stay. Eliminate any doubts, if they have any. Telling someone that you will be there with them all your lives is a huge promise and a great commitment. You are literally devoting yourself to this person and that’s what real love is.

7. There is no one like you

You are setting your partner apart. You are not only telling them that they are special but actually one of their kind. You are making them feel like there is no one else in this world you would rather be with.

You are declaring that by making them the way they are, God has made an exception, a beautiful exception.

8. I cannot live without you

We all know that we really can live without anyone in the world but there are a few people without whom, your life really isn’t a life you live, it is a life that you survive through. When you say that, you don’t really mean that you will actually die but living without them is equivalent to that, for you. That you’d rather die than living without them.

9. I’m committed to you

Say this most, say this often. Constantly ensure your partner that you are committed to them. That your heart belongs to them and your mind is always running around their thoughts. Committing yourself really shows the extent of your love and sincerity towards this feeling you have for them. So, when you feel it, say it!

Talk to me

What phrase is the most important to you in this list? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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