9 Qualities You Have That Could Make A Guy Think That You’re Out Of His League

Maybe you are the type of person who make guys think that you are just way too out of their league. 

A lot of us are familiar with the idea of people thinking that the persons they like are just way too out of their league and so they end up not doing anything about it. If you’re ever curious about what exactly makes people think this way, then don’t worry, you aren’t alone in this. Perhaps you might even think that the reason you can’t find someone to be in a relationship with is because they are intimidated by you. Maybe you are the type of person who make guys think that you are just way too out of their league. 

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If a lot of the items on this list apply to you and how you live your life, then maybe that really is the case. Maybe a lot of guys do end up getting intimidated by you. Read through the list and see if any of it sounds familiar to you. 

1. You have your fair share of suitors.

Some men don’t like having to compete for one woman. If a guy finds out that a lot of other men are going after you, they will get turned off to the idea of courting you. They will automatically assume that they have no shot at landing you because you have just so many options. They would rather not play the game because there are just too many players on the court.

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2. You are a very interesting person.

There is so much to like about you. There are so many facets to your personality that catch the attention of the people around you. You always manage to pique the interest of anyone who happens to come in contact with you. You are very smart, witty, and you have the charisma of a true celebrity. That’s why a lot of guys will think that a person as interesting as you would never be interested in them.

3. You come off as very friendly.

Even if you do happen to like a guy, your reputation is going to lead people to believe that you are just naturally friendly even when you’re trying to flirt. You are nice to just about everyone you meet and so when you like someone special, you aren’t necessarily going to treat him any better than you would other people. It can be very hard for guys to tell when you are interested in them.

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4. You are good looking and you have a great personality.

It’s one thing for you to be physically attractive. That alone would be enough to have guys groveling at your feet. But when you have a great personality to go along with your good looks, then you can bet that you are going to intimidate a lot of guys. They will think that you are too good for them and that they don’t have a shot at landing a girl like you. 

5. You are doing very well financially.

A lot of modern men can still be very insecure about how well they are doing financially. Their pride would never allow them to date a girl who is bringing in more cash than them. They feel like it would be too much for their ego to handle. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that some men will cower at the thought of dating you when you’re earning much more money than them. 

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6. You have a reputation of putting boys down.

You have had your fair share of suitors but none of them have ever managed to tickle your fancy. You don’t want to settle for just anyone and so you politely turn them down instead of leading them on. However, the more you keep turning men down, the more that other men will believe that you just aren’t going to be interested in anyone. 

7. You are athletic and good at sports.

Remember how some men have egos that just can’t handle you earning more money than them? It’s the same situation for other men whose egos just can’t handle you being more athletically inclined. Traditional society dictates that men should always be the more physically dominant gender. That is why if you’re more athletically gifted than most men, this can lead them to become intimidated by you. 

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8. You are difficult to read.

You just don’t really wear your heart on your sleeves. No man can ever really tell when you’re interested in dating them or not. A lot of men don’t want to pursue you if they can’t tell what you think about them. You have a great poker face and a lot of men will not want to take the risk of being humiliated by you. 

9. You are just plain too damn intelligent. 

Intelligence is intimidating. There’s no denying that. A lot of us will shy away from interacting with intelligent people because we don’t want to be made to feel like we’re stupid. So you can expect a lot of insecure men to think that you’re out of their leagues if you are a smarty pants. 

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