9 Reasons why crafting is good for your brain

As we move towards technology and outwardly experiences, В even then science cannot deny the fact that happiness has to come from within, no gadget can give us what we can give ourselves, call it getting back to the basics. Similarly, it is В scientifically proven that crafting has В positive impacts on our mental and eventually our physical health. When we are creative, our brain releases a feel-good hormone, dopamine, it improves your mood and is a sure way of bringing you tranquility. Here is what crafting really does to your mind and body.

1. A way of meditation.

Activities like knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking etc.. have you follow a certain rhythm and pattern. This rhythmic flow of movements, helps you get away from the daily life hustle. It has proven to make you feel better and more relaxed. It is a form of a productive distraction. Crafting is also being called the ‘new yoga’ in terms of its healthy effects on the brain.

2. Mentally stimulating.

When you start crafting, you have a certain target in your mind, there’s a certain outcome that you expect. The next step is to figure out ways of getting that final product, you try different ways to get there, the famous trial and error method. Hence, crafting shakes up your brain, it’s like an a personal challenge В making you better at problem solving.

3. Development of coordination and spatial senses.

The physical movements that are required in crafting, not only improve your mood but they also develop your hand-eye coordination, improving your spatial senses making you mentally active and sharp.

4. Improves focus.

When you are working on a certain project, you need to focus on it completely to get the desired result. A wrong stitch can have you restarting the entire thing again, so you have to converge all your attention in one place. This improves your focusing skills in the long run and you can get things done sooner.

5. Gives a sense of achievement.

Crafting lifts your mood and spirits, it is when you В finally meet the challenge and have the end product in front of you, the feeling of achievement is unmatched. It gives you a sense of pride in yourself and knowing that you are good at something builds your self esteem, makes you more self aware.

6. Social connection.

When you perform these activities as group, В have a talk & knit group for example; it will add to your social life, you will have similar minds working with you. It will make you happier, you’ll meet new creative people, make new friends. Then there’s the prospect of learning what you don’t know and teaching what you do know, you feel appreciated. After all, a group that knits together stays together!

7. Increases patience and persistence.

Initially, when you start creating things; В not getting the hang of it as quickly as you expected to, getting it wrong the first few times, the duration it takes to get completed may frustrate you a little. But as you continue, it teaches you to be patient and persistent, it teaches us the most important lesson not to give up. It brings stability in your nature which has an impact on all aspects of your life, including your relationships.

8. Improves memory.

You learn from your mistakes, crafting also teaches us the same. You know what you did wrong the first time which you’ll remember to bypass the next time, your brain practices to В remember these little glitches. It invigorates your mental capacity, improving your ability to remember and retrieve information better.

9. A way of discovering yourself.

Many of us don’t know what we are capable of, until we actually start doing it. As you are reading this article, I’m sure many of you might be thinking ‘No, this isn’t for me I’m not the creative type’. But you never know your own abilities till you truly challenge yourself, set new standards and work towards them, don’t restrict yourself to a certain ‘type’ and be willing to learn new things. Twig your creative side, creativity and art can never disappoint you especially if you find it within yourself.

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