9 Reasons Why He Is Acting Distant And Withdrawing From The Relationship

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It’s not a very rare occurrence in relationships. Things can seem like they’re going fine between you and your man. You feel like there’s so much room and potential for your relationship to grow and turn into something really special. But then, whether suddenly or gradually, your man starts to withdraw himself from the relationship. And it really freaks you out. You start to grow really insecure and frightened that you might lose him. You feel powerless and helpless to the whole situation. You are miserable and you don’t really know what to do to get out of this unfortunate situation.

You then start to second-guess yourself and your place in this relationship. You start to question if your relationship really does have what it takes to go all the way. You are forced to retrace your steps and see if you may have done anything that might have triggered or aroused this kind of behavior out of your man. You aren’t exactly a mind-reader and he isn’t really opening himself up to you about what’s really going on either. But you definitely know that something is wrong and you need to address it. The problem here is that you don’t know what’s going on.

So to further acquaint you with the complex minds of men, you should read this article. Here are 9 common reasons that could explain why he is acting distant and withdrawn from your otherwise perfect relationship.

1. He’s letting the pressures of life really get to him.

There may be other things in life that don’t concern your relationship which are really testing the limits of his strength. It happens a lot that just because things are getting stressful at work that a relationship has to end up suffering as well because of it. In this case, when things start fixing themselves in his life, your relationship will start to be okay too.

2. You start demanding too much of his time and attention.

Sometimes, the easiest way to drive a man away is to act overly clingy and needy towards him. He might be feeling suffocated by the attention that you require of him and he just wants some space to breathe for a bit.

3. He is starting to second-guess himself and the relationship.

Insecurities can plague the best of us both men and women alike. And don’t think that just because things are going fine in your relationship that he wouldn’t have his share of insecurities. He is human too. He has his insecurities. He might have confidence issues. And when he starts to question his worth in a relationship, he might want to take a step back to get a better look of things.

4. He is bothered by problems that he’s not ready to discuss with you.

Maybe something else is plaguing his mind and he just needs to devote more time and attention to these issues. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he is no longer invested in your relationship. It just might mean that he has to temporarily deprioritize the relationship to make time to address other things in life.

5. He is withdrawing as a way of expressing his displeasure over something.

He might be mad at you about something. And instead of directly addressing how he feels about you, he will just try to withdraw himself. He might not be a confrontational person and so he just becomes this way as a means of being nonconfrontational.

6. You make him feel jealous.

Sometimes, as a way of coping with the jealousy that you are making him feel in a relationship, he will start to withdraw himself from your life just to try to make you miss him and see his value more. Perhaps you are devoting more time to your job or to your friends; and he’s trying to withdraw himself to make you feel that you need to spend more time with him as well.

7. He has plans to break off the relationship.

He is gradually easing himself out of the relationship. He is making it seem like he’s growing distant because he doesn’t want to rip the Band-Aid off just yet. He wants to end things with you but he doesn’t want to rush into it.

8. His friends are telling him that you’re bad for him.

A lot of men will withdraw themselves from their relationships just because their friends tell them to. Sometimes, it’s not a decision that he’s making entirely of his own. Maybe his friends are convincing him that it’s a bad idea to be with you and that he should take more time for himself to reassess things.

9. The flame of passion in your relationship has fizzled out.

It happens. And it happens a lot. Sometimes, a relationship just doesn’t sustain or build on the initial passion that comes with the early breaks of romance. And when that happens, the people involved can grow disinterested and uninvested. Either you accept it or you do whatever you can to rekindle that flame.

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