9 Reasons Why Hugs Are The Best Things Ever

It’s proven by science and there’s just no questioning it anymore. Hugs are the absolute best thing in the world and that’s indisputable. It’s a form of healing really. There are just so many ways that hugs can serve therapeutic purposes. The research proves it and so there’s just no denying it. Never underestimate the power of a hug. It has the capacity to bring you and your partner closer together in ways that you could never imagine. Don’t believe it? Well, read on until the end of this article, and you’ll be sure to be singing a different tune in the end.

Here are a few reasons why hugs really are the best things ever.

1. Hugs build trust and security in a relationship.

Safety, consistency, stability, trust, and security are all very important aspects of any relationship. Hugs have the power to help build all of those things and more. Couples or even friends have the power to strengthen their relationships by hugging often. Whenever you hug another person, you are automatically letting each other know that you can feel safe in one another’s arms.

2. Hugs keep you warm.

This is probably one of the simplest reasons as to why hugs are the absolute best. Hugs can keep people warm even during the coldest of times (both literally and figuratively). Literally speaking whenever people are caught in freezing situations, hugs are able to generate enough body heat to make these difficult situations a lot more bearable. Figuratively speaking, hugs also have the power to help guide people through the darkest and coldest places of their minds.

3. Hugs have the power to appease anger, loneliness, and anxiety.

Is your partner feeling angry? Go ahead and give your friend a hug. Is your mom feeling a little lonely? Go ahead and give her a hug. Is your friend feeling anxious about an upcoming test? Go ahead and give your friend a hug. While it is true that hugs don’t necessarily eliminate the causes or triggers of these stressful feelings, they do have the power to make feel people feel better.

4. Hugs improve a person’s serotonin levels, thereby generating more happiness.

This is the science talking. A human body’s serotonin levels are directly correlated to a person’s happiness levels. Studies have shown that hugs have the power to increase a body’s serotonin levels which then result in increased happiness levels. So if you ever find yourself lacking in happiness, then go ahead and find someone to hug. You will feel better instantly.

5. Hugs can strengthen a person’s immune system.

When two people are engaged in a hug, there is a gentle pressure that is exerted on the sternums of these two individuals. This pressure triggers an emotional response that stimulates a body’s thymus gland. The thymus gland is directly responsible for a human body’s production of white blood cells and antibodies which help combat diseases and viruses.

6. Hugs help build confidence and self-esteem.

The human touch is an amazing and beautiful thing. A lot of people tend to underestimate the effect of a human touch. Even at an early age, a touch from our parents signifies that we are loved and that we are being taken care of. They imply that we have value in this world and that we shouldn’t be afraid to live our lives. That’s why hugs also build confidence and self-esteem. They take us back to the days of our infancy wherein we were always told that we have our place in this world and we shouldn’t be ashamed of being alive.

7. Hugs can help treat muscle tension and stress.

There is only so much stress that a human body can withstand at a given time. That is why it is very important for human beings to always engage in activities that help relieve stress. A lot of times, we place ourselves in strenuous situations and we forget to take the time to actually bring our stress levels down to normal. This is where hugs step in. They have the power to instantly lower a person’s stress and muscle tension levels.

8. Hugs are perfect expressions of intimacy and affection.

When you are in a relationship with a person, it can never be one-sided. It always has to be a give-and-take kind of situation. That is why hugs are always prominent facets in any healthy relationship. Hugs can serve as perfect manifestations of love and affection that two people can have for one another. Hugs represent two peoples’ willingness to give and receive love from each other.

9. Hugs encourage a positive exchange of energy between two people.

There is just too much negative energy in the world as it is and that’s why hugs are ever so important. Whenever two people hug, there is an automatic exchange of positive energy between those two people. We all have the power to rid all the negative energy in the world if we just hugged each other more.

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