9 Reasons Why It’s A Bad Idea To Cheat On A Virgo

Cheating is bad and it’s something that you always have to avoid at all costs. There is never any kind of circumstance wherein cheating becomes justifiable or acceptable. If you are incapable of staying loyal to your partner, then you should just break up with them. Don’t do the ratchet thing by being unfaithful. There isn’t any situation wherein you will come out as the good guy in this. So, you must always make sure that you stay loyal and faithful in your relationships.

However, if you’re in need of some extra incentive on why you shouldn’t cheat on a Virgo in particular, then this article is definitely for you. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t cheat in a relationship. But there are some very special reasons as to why you shouldn’t cheat on a Virgo.

  1. Virgos are going to be some of the most intellectual and analytical people you are ever going to meet in this life. You are NEVER going to be able to pull one over on them without them eventually realizing it. You are never going to be able to hide something from them for too long. They are crafty. They are resourceful. They are smart. You will not be able to make a fool out of them. If they set their mind to figuring something out, they are usually successful.
  2. Virgos are as smart as can be. They are going to be able to rip you apart with their words and with their smarts. You are not going to be able to defend yourself against them in a war of words. You just aren’t going to come out as the winner in any debacle the two of you might have. Just prepare yourself for eventually losing to a Virgo.
  3. Virgos are also incredibly skilled at letting their logic take over their hearts. They won’t really let themselves be carried away by their feelings. They are always going to conduct themselves with grace and tact. They will show absolute composure whenever they fight with you and you will always feel like you are on the losing end of the argument with them.
  4. It doesn’t matter how well you hide your tracks. It doesn’t matter how much effort you try to put into not getting caught. Your Virgo partner knows too much about you. Your Virgo partner is going to be able to get to the core of your life and fish out whatever information they might need from you. They know how to access your emails, social media accounts, and other sources of evidence.
  5. They are very introspective people. They are going to be able to take a very logical approach to everything. And they not only act fast, they think on their feet as well. It doesn’t take them much too long to figure out the next course of action. So, when you’re stuck trying to salvage the whole situation, you’re really just going to end up playing catch-up.
  6. A Virgo is never afraid of conversation and communication. In fact, they specialize in that aspect. They thrive in that scenario. You might try your best to conceal the truth during your conversations. But somehow, they’re going to manipulate you with their wordplay. They’re going to make an example out of you. They’re going to make you regret ever trying to lie to them in the first place.
  7. If your intention is to hurt them with your infidelity, then you should know that that wouldn’t work either. They are masters at moving on and getting over someone. They are very good at healing because of how rationally they are able to handle everything. Even something as simple as reading an effective self-help book would be enough to help them get over you. They won’t dwell on you or your faults for too long.
  8. And since they’re better at healing than you are, it’s likely that they will become better off without you. They’re going to WIN the breakup. And they’re going to make you regret ever screwing up whatever you had together in your relationship. You will rue the day that you decided to be unfaithful.
  9. You have probably never met a butterfly who would be willing to go back to being a caterpillar. And that’s exactly what the Virgo is going to be like once they call it quits. When you cheat on them, they will end things and they will become the butterflies they are destined to become. And they won’t go back to you under any circumstances. And you won’t even be able to kiss them goodbye because they won’t let you.
  1. I’m a true Virgo my partner of 25 years cheated on my and i found out and move out the very next day and never looked back ; That was 19 years ago ; For now i like living alone and i don’t date ; But when the right one comes along I’ll think about it then !!

  2. To avoid all this as a Taurus male we belong together we are each other soulmates that have very strong Fidelity and we don’t cheat on each other. I wish there was no such thing as astrology and just us two lol because even the other signs I’m may be compatible with I still will chose you Virgos any day. No amount of passion can keep us apart from each other. I rather be married to you than to be burning in passion. Yes I’m not as stubborn as these bloggers make it seems lol I love you Virgos compassionately and passionately signed Mr. Taurus

  3. I’m a Taurus and I’m in love with a Virgo with a Scorpio rising. I actually appreciate her Virgo Sun more and tbh I find her more hot and steamy, sexy and attractive and the sex is EXTREMELY PLEASING and the way she uses her body is mind blowing and erotic and she knows it too lol better than the actual Scorpio. She totally gets me and she’s very passionate as me we both have our jealous moments but I accept her as my soulmate. I was just curious to know how this all plays out knowing she is a Virgo Sun Scorpio rising and Cancer moon. The Scorpios I ran into is not very attractive to me at all. My Virgo wife makes me horny just thinking about her. We have children together as well she’s such a great parent. It’s more to a Virgo that meets the eye. Living with one is magical. I highly recommend for any single Taurus men. You will totally understand where I’m coming from. They Virgos I encountered don’t really criticize either so believe only half of these blogs because I see alot of these “zodiac signs” in her or maybe it’s just human nature.

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