9 Reasons Why Most Men Are Intimidated By Empaths

If you happen to be an empathetic lady, you would likely have difficulty in finding love in your life. Of course, it might seem counterintuitive. However, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. Just because you are highly sensitive towards the feelings of others doesn’t mean that they’re going to be the same to you. Often, the opposite is exact. A lot of people can grow intimidated by the kind of empathy that you have. You are such a rarity that not most people would know exactly how to deal with someone like you.

You love with all of your heart. And as an empath, you would also desire to be enjoyed in the same manner in return. That’s only fair. However, not a lot of people are going to be able to love you the way that you love them. And that’s where the real conflict lies. You are someone who is always in search of sincere and robust relationships. But those can be hard to come by. Men aren’t still going to be so open or receptive to people like you.

Here are a few reasons as to why that’s the case:

1. You can get intense.

Being an empath, you feel things on profound and immense levels. This means that when you get emotional, you get emotional. Sometimes, this can be intimidating to men. This might not be something that they’re used to dealing with in relationships that they’ve been in.

2. You have difficulty letting your guard down.

As an empath, you have likely allowed yourself to be hurt in love and romance in the past. Naturally, that pain has led you to become more guarded and protective of your heart. This is because you feel pain fairly immensely. As a result, you don’t like to open yourself up much. This lack of vulnerability can turn some guys off to the prospect of dating you.

3. You are available to so many people.

Naturally, a lot of people gravitate towards you whenever they feel sad or down. However, not a lot of men will want to share with you with other people. After all, lots of men can get very territorial when they enter romantic relationships.

4. You require immediate stability.

As an empath, volatility and unpredictability aren’t things that you deal with properly. It’s so easy for you to get thrown off guard whenever you become surprised or shocked by something. This is why you continuously seek stability and consistency in a relationship. You wouldn’t be able to control your emotions if you get caught off guard. And for a lot of men, stability isn’t necessarily something that can be demanded right away.

5. You are so good at seeing through peoples’ lies.

A lot of men are liars. However, not a lot of men can lie to you effectively. That’s why these men tend to stay away from you. It’s just a natural skill that you have as an empath. You have this uncanny ability to know other peoples’ truths even when they aren’t actively revealing it to you. For others, this can make you hard to trust.

6. You know precisely what you want.

As an empath, there are no ifs about what you want in a relationship. You are definitively sure of what you’re looking for in a partner and a relationship. However, this kind of straightforwardness can be very intimidating for a lot of guys who are only looking to play around and keep things casual.

7. You are so interested and curious.

You always want to establish deep and meaningful relationships with people. This is an essential part of what makes you who you are. However, to a lot of men, you can come off as overly intrusive with the way that you ask questions about them and their lives.

8. You are very independent.

You are an inherently independent woman. As an empath, you know that you have to be healthy. Even though a lot of people mistakenly brand you as weak, you know that you’re just as strong as any of them. Granted, you are sensitive. But it takes a lot of strength to be able to deal with feelings and emotions in the same way that you do.

9. You say what’s on your mind.

And of course, you never shy away from the truth. As an empath, you never mince your words. You call it as you see it. However, this kind of honesty isn’t always going to be well-received by the men that you date. They would likely see this as threatening and intimidating to their personalities.

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  1. Thank you for this article, as an empath I’d like to say that it’s very well written, and great job, I’m sure you did a lot more research then I’d have the patience for, but I just wanna say that if a man is intimidated by me speaking my mind and only wants something casual, I’m not interested. But that’s just me, if a guy makes my knees weak I’ll probably end up tailoring to his needs anyways. Have a blessed day :3

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