9 reasons why second love is real

We’ve all had our hearts broken; we’ve all been betrayed at some point in our lives and we’ve all lost hope and faith in love perhaps even more than once. Did those things make you give up on love altogether? Did your head and heart tell you to simply leave the notion of experiencing being in love again? It’s only natural if you did. It doesn’t, however, change the course of love when it comes your way the second time around.

You will have doubts, whether to trust love again or not. Logic and reason might not help you there. You might still be so stuck up blaming love the first time when it went wrong. But don’t blame love because it wasn’t love that broke you. The person who didn’t know how to love you right broke you. However, there’s always a silver lining, whether you like it or not. And that tells you that perhaps the second time around, cupid has hit its arrows right and love won’t be a bad ride like it was the first time.

Here are 9 reasons why your second love is better than your first; why it’s the real one.

1. It makes you stronger after you’ve been broken

Whatever is dealt with strength leaves the biggest impact on our souls. Second love is real because it teaches you to trust love once again, thanks to the brilliant qualities in your second love. It teaches you that you’re capable of loving again and loving harder this time. It’s there to pick up the pieces, after your first love broke you.

2. It gives you hope

It shows you the light after you’ve been in the dark for too long. Even if you feel hope is toxic, second love will teach you that you might have a chance. That you deserve better. That all is not lost. Second love will be the hope that guides you home.

3. It’s braver than your first love

Falling in love the second time means you’re brave enough to forgive, to risk getting hurt again because it’s worth it. It’s brave because after you’ve walked on all the wrong turns with your first love, you’re braver the second time around and know how to face whatever comes your way.

4. It makes you believe that everything happens for the best

After you face the worst from your first love and then are blessed with the second one, which is better it makes you believe in timing. After you’re left heartbroken and alone from your first love, you will realize it was for the best because the second time around, the one you love will make you feel better than you did the first time. It will make you see the importance of going with the flow.

5. Second love makes more sense

Second love is not based on baseless things like childhood fantasies, infatuation or lustmost of which you’ve already experienced in your first love. Second love’s real because it’s not blind, reckless or toxic; it’s not based on mere expectations and obsession. That’s because it comes after you learned to listen to your gut and make mature decisions, not just because of loneliness.

6. It shows you what it means to be someone’s first choice

No one likes to be thought of as someone’s second choice someone they can just decide to come back to after they realize what they have lost. If that is how your first love treated you, know that your second love’s real when it doesn’t treat you as a second but as a first choice. They will truly make you feel loved, come what may.

7. It feels like home

It will make you feel secure, a place you can always come back to. It will be your shelter from the stormwhether that storm is the world you have to fight every day or your own self, with all your demons. Your first love will have left you alone and defeated, writhing in your skin. But then your second love comes along, makes you feel comfortable and like home in that same skin. That’s when you know it’s as real as it gets.

8. It feels selfless

Your second love is real because it makes you feel selfless; you will be willing to do anything for the one you love knowing you won’t get anything in return. And that will be enough, for you as well as the one you love.

9. It’s different

You will know your second love is real because it feels different; everything about it makes you experience new things, things you never thought you would be capable of feeling again. It will eat up your emptiness and sadness and that will feel different, mostly because no one else has made you feel that way before. That is how you will know it is real. It is not like anything you have ever experienced before; like walking in the dark but seeing light all of a sudden. Second love will be real because it will be enough.

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