9 Reasons Your Man Could Break Up With You Even Though You’re Great

Watch out for these red flags.

That’s great. You’ve finally found yourself in a stable and loving relationship with a guy you have absolutely no complaints about. Things are really starting to settle in and you actually envision yourself spending the rest of your life with this guy. You already see the little house that you’re going to build and the minivan that you’re going to drive with your kids in the backseat.

You see yourself growing old with your guy as your love gets stronger over time. But then, all of a sudden, without any warning or prior notice, he breaks up with you. You are devastated and you don’t understand why he would choose to leave you. Your mind can’t seem to comprehend the entire situation that you’re in and so it takes a while for the grief to sink in.

You’re in shock. You were completely blindsided and you really didn’t think that you would end up where you are. Everything was going fine in your eyes but he still broke up with you. You understand that you aren’t a perfect creature and that you had your flaws, but for the most part, you thought that you were doing pretty well as a girlfriend. No, you KNEW that you were doing pretty well. He had no reasons to complain, right? Well, that’s where you wrong.

Just because things looked perfectly fine from your perspective doesn’t mean that things looked fine from his perspective as well.

Just because you consider yourself to be a stand-up human being doesn’t mean that you are going to be exempted from breakups. But if you’re still struggling with trying to figure out why he chose to leave you, then this list is perfect for you. There are a numerous of possible reasons a guy would want to break things off with a girl even though she’s a catch. And here are some of the most common ones.

1. The timing is just off.

Love alone is never going to be enough to sustain a relationship. There are lots of things to take into consideration to make sure a relationship is going to work out. One of those things is timing. Sometimes, even the strongest kind of love will not be able to overcome bad timing. He could love you greatly because you are an amazing women, but if other things require his time and attention at this point in his life, he’s going to have to give you up.

2. You act a little too independent.

Independence is great. You shouldn’t be acting independent. But remember as well that men typically like to take care of their women. So if you don’t let him take care of you, he might end up feeling like he has no worth in your life.

3. You don’t make an effort to be nice to his friends.

Just because you are nice to him alone doesn’t mean he isn’t going to want to break up with you. You also have to make an effort to be nice to his closest friends and family as well.

4. He isn’t over a previous relationship.

It happens a lot. Some men will jump into relationships even though they aren’t over a previous failed relationship. But this can be difficult because emotional baggage can carry over and he might not be able to bear it even if you are a great partner.

5. He has financial problems.

Money is important. And being in a relationship is expensive. Perhaps, he just isn’t at a place financially wherein he can afford the luxury of being in a relationship with you.

6. He’s going through a serious life challenge.

Maybe he’s at a crossroads with his job or his academic work. Maybe he’s dealing with some deep family issues. Maybe there is just a lot of stress and drama going on in his life outside of your relationship and he has to dedicate his attention to those things for the moment.

7. He doesn’t like your family.

He may like you but he doesn’t like your family. He would never want to put you in the position of having to choose between him and your family and so he would rather just break things off with you.

8. His goals and dreams don’t really align with yours.

It’s not enough that you like one another. If you are going to go all the way, he has to know that the both of you really have the potential to build a life together. And with that, you have to be able to push one another towards your goals and dreams. But if they don’t align, then that could be why he would rather just cut things short.

9. He might feel like you deserve better than him.

Lastly, he might feel that your being a great girlfriend is a bad thing. He might not feel like he is deserving of such a great girl and maybe the pressure of being your boyfriend gets to him.

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