9 Red Flags That Your Girl Is Being Unfaithful

Red flags when they’re unfaithful.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to just suddenly find out that the person who you’re madly in love with is actually being unfaithful to you. It’s an unfortunate circumstance that you probably wouldn’t even want to wish on your worst enemy. You become so emotionally invested in a girl. You trust her with all of your heart. And she takes all of your love and trust; and she throws all of that away. She betrays you in the worst way possible and it’s downright devastating.

Contemporary media usually has people believing that it’s the men who are virtually unable to really commit to their women. They play into these gender wars by saying that men are the ones who can’t keep their privates in their pants. And while there may be enough evidence to substantiate this idea, that doesn’t mean to say that women are incapable of cheating by extension. There are plenty of women who are perfectly capable of being unfaithful in their relationships. There is a healthy amount of men out there who are really looking to land themselves in deeply committed relationships. And some of these men happen to be unfortunate enough to find themselves in relationships with women who aren’t willing to reciprocate the kind of commitment that they’re ready to throw into a relationship.

The hard cold truth is that it’s much harder to maintain relationships than it is to actually get into one. You can fight so hard to win over the affections of someone, but you have to work double-time just to keep things interesting. And if you fail to do so, then you really risk ending up playing the victim in the relationship. Your partner might be cheating on you and you may not even know about it. As cruel as it may be, it just happens. And you never want to be playing the fool in that situation. So you have to make sure that you are able to spot the signs of infidelity in your relationship. Here are some signs that your partner is acting unfaithful to you:

1. She starts to take a more vested interest in your routine.

She wants to know what you’re doing ˜round the clock. You know why? It’s because she wants to be able to track your whereabouts. If she always knows where you are, then she can do a better job of avoiding you so that she doesn’t get caught cheating.

2. She becomes more distant and closed off to you.

You start to feel a kind of emotional distance with the person you’re with. It can get very frustrating having to interact with someone who is a humanized version of a closed door. If you notice that your partner is starting to withdraw, it might be because she’s opening up to someone else.

3. She suddenly becomes deeply invested in her cellphone.

She doesn’t want you to gain access to the main weapon of the crime. She knows that all evidence of her unfaithfulness lies in her phone and she wouldn’t want you to just randomly catch her in the act.

4. She is the reason there is a sudden drop in your physical intimacy.

It’s normal for physical intimacy to wane a little bit as the relationship gets further along. But it’s not normal for there to be a sudden drop in physical affection. If you notice that she isn’t really asking for physical stimulation from you anymore, it’s probably because she’s getting it from other sources.

5. She buys new sexy underwear but you never get to see it.

Why would she be buying unnecessarily sexy underwear if she doesn’t want you to see it? The truth is this: it’s because it’s all for another man. She has no intentions of being sexy towards you anymore.

6. She is always nagging about everything you do.

She has emotionally checked out of the relationship already and she doesn’t really care about what you think. She even might want you to hate you and so she will try to nag you to death to make you hate her.

7. She suddenly develops a deep friendship with a mysterious new man.

Always be wary of mysterious new men in her life; especially when they’re men she typically wouldn’t be hanging out with. Not to say that you should be a jealous and paranoid boyfriend. But a little caution will always do you some good.

8. She takes on a new scent that you aren’t familiar with.

If she starts smelling like another man, then you know that something’s definitely up.

9. She becomes very defensive when you try to bring it up with her.

One of the most obvious signs that a person is cheating on you is when they become incredibly defensive whenever you confront them about their loyalty. They will try to deflect their own faults unto you to make it seem like you’re victimizing them for no reason.

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