9 Red Flags You Need To Look Out For In A Young Relationship

Don’t get lost in all of the thrill and allure of being in a new relationship with someone. Yes, it can be very exciting when you’re just starting to explore and traverse the realms of love with someone. However, you can’t allow yourself to get caught up in all of that excitement. You have to make sure that you still stay vigilant and perceptive. It’s okay for you to live in the moment and enjoy all of the positive energy that you are experiencing in this new relationship.

But you still want to do your part in making sure that you protect yourself. You always want to keep yourself guarded whenever you’re just beginning to date, someone. As much as you want to fall in love already, you never want to be doing it so recklessly. You are only going to end up regretting getting ahead of yourself once things don’t turn out the way that you expect them to.

A lot of the time, you would be able to tell that there’s trouble in the relationship even during the earliest stages of it. You just need to make sure that you actually know what you need to be looking out for. You have to know what you need to be keeping an eye out for. And if you’re curious to know what those things might be, then this is the article for you:

1. They talk ill of people they’ve been in relationships with.

You never want to be with someone who is speaking ill of their exes. In fact, the conversation about exes shouldn’t be one that the two of you are having until you get deeper into the relationship.

2. They expect you to devote all of your time to them.

Just because you’re starting to date someone doesn’t mean that you have to be spending ALL of your time on this person. And if they’re expecting you to do so, then that is a major red flag. It might be a sign of neediness and codependence.

3. Your friends and family have expressed their disapproval.

Granted, you don’t want to let your friends and family dictate your love life. However, it would be unwise for you to not heed their thoughts and opinions. Sometimes, an outsider’s perspective can be really healthy for you. They might be seeing things that you are just completely blind to because of your feelings and emotions.

4. They don’t treat other people kindly.

Kindness is always something that you want to be looking for in a partner. And it’s never enough whenever they are kind and nice towards you. You also have to make sure that they are kind to everyone who is around them. A person who is only nice to the people they need to be nice to be not a nice person at all.

5. They carry a lot of negative energy.

Negative energy can get the best of all of us sometimes. However, you always want to be wary of a person who seems to be totally negative about everything in life. That might be a sign of some serious emotional baggage that they haven’t addressed. And this is baggage that you won’t want to deal with in your relationship either.

6. They try to pressure you through the various stages of the relationship.

Your relationship should only be unfolding the way that it’s meant to do so. Love isn’t something that you can rush or pressure a person into. That’s why it’s a very bad sign whenever you have a partner who seems incapable or unwilling of accepting the pace at which you want to take this relationship.

7. They act disrespectful and selfish.

Disrespect and selfishness are always going to be a bad sign in a person’s overall character and personality. This might mean that they have toxic tendencies and that they’re always going to put their own needs above anything else. This can be a problem whenever the relationship calls for the need to compromise and meet each other halfway.

8. They don’t follow through on promises and commitments.

A person who doesn’t follow through on promises and commitments is a person who can’t be trusted. And you would never be able to make a relationship work with someone who you can’t trust. A trustworthy individual is someone who always follows through on what they say – even with the littlest and simplest things.

9. They don’t have any plans or direction in life.

They don’t really exhibit any signs of direction or structure in their life. That is a good indication that they don’t really know what they want out of life and relationships. And whenever that’s the case, it’s not a good sign for you. They might not be totally sure about wanting to be with you because they don’t know what they want yet.

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