9 Red Flags You Need To Stay Away From Him

Based on recent studies, around 39% of men actually confess their love to women within the first month of dating. And while that may indicate passion and intensity in a relationship, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is a strong one.

There are many relationship experts all over the world who have highlighted various red flags within the behaviors of men that all women really need to take notice of.

It’s absolutely imperative that women always stay mindful and alert whenever they’re just starting to get to know someone. There are men who might seem sweet and romantic at first but they might still eventually end up breaking your heart in the long run.

If you want to make sure that you protect yourself from these kinds of men, then you need to do your part in making yourself aware of any potential red flags.

Remember that knowledge is power. If you don’t want to end up being made a fool of, then this article is going to be perfect. You don’t want to be investing yourself in a man who is only going to break your heart way down the line.

1. He immediately thinks of the two of you as a couple even after the first date.

Even if you’ve only gone out on one date, he is already calling you his girlfriend. He is already going around and telling his friends that he’s in a serious relationship.

HE might even be changing his relationship status on Facebook already. You know that you always have to steer clear of the guy who wants to rush things with you.

2. He uses a nickname for you on the very first date.

There is actually a lot of research that suggests that relationships are stronger whenever the couples use affectionate nicknames for one another.

However, that shouldn’t mean that it’s normal for him to be using nicknames with you as early as the first date. He should know his boundaries and terms of endearment shouldn’t really be acceptable yet.

3. He wants to meet your parents early in the relationship.

It’s not really normal for a man to want to meet your parents fairly early in the relationship. That’s only a relationship milestone that should take place once the two of you are really sure with each other. If you rush it, then you risk welcoming a psycho into your home and exposing him to your family.

4. He wants to move in together immediately.

Again, this is another case of him wanting to move a little too quickly in your relationship. Moving in together is a really big deal in any kind of relationship. And if he’s actually rushing you into it, then you shouldn’t really be happy about that. That means that he’s taking such an important milestone a little too lightly.

5. He acts jealous even if you aren’t a real couple yet.

It’s totally normal for you to want to date around and keep your options open fairly early in the dating process. And it’s okay for him to feel threatened by competition when you’re just starting out. But that doesn’t give him the right to be acting all jealous. He shouldn’t be telling you who you’re not allowed to see.

6. He asks you out a lot that he disregards the other aspects of his life.

It’s actually not a rare experience for people to get so deep into their early relationships that they start to prioritize it. However, you know that it’s a real problem wh4enever he starts to completely disregard all the other aspects of his life. He should still be making sure that he gives time and attention to other things he should be concerning himself with.

7. He calls and texts you during inconvenient hours.

If he’s calling you and texting you even during the most inconvenient times like when you’re sleeping at night or when you’re busy at work, then that is a definite red flag. That shows that he doesn’t know his boundaries. He doesn’t respect your time. He doesn’t stay mindful of what you’re doing or how you are feeling.

8. He invites you out to go on a long vacation with him.

Okay. The two of you shouldn’t be going on trips and vacations so early in the relationship anyway. But if he’s inviting you to a long-term vacation? Uh oh. That’s definitely not a good sign. He might turn out to be a total creep and it would be best for you to just keep your distance from him for the moment. It wouldn’t be smart for you to go with him.

9. He tells you that he loves you even when you know it’s too soon.

And lastly, if he’s telling you that he loves you way too early, then you know that something is up. Love, at first sight, isn’t real. Love is something that is built over time. It’s not something that happens after an initial meeting.

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