9 Reminders You Need To Take Note Of When You Love A Person With Anxiety

Do you know somebody who is suffering from Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a burden. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the person who has to deal with anxiety or if you are close to someone who suffers from anxiety. Anxiety wreaks havoc wherever it goes and it often leaves a trail of trauma and hurt feelings in its past. It can be mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting to deal with anxiety. That’s why whenever you fall in love with a person who suffers from anxiety, you have to understand that dating this person is going to be different from everyone else you have ever dated before. You have to be willing to make lots of compromises and adjustments if you want your relationship to work out. A person who suffers from anxiety has a tendency to be emotionally unstable and so you’re going to have to bear with the uncertainty. And also, you’re going to have to be very patient. It can be very difficult dealing with something that you don’t entirely understand, but you’re just going to have to put your faith in yourself and in your relationship. 

Remember that a lot of people all over the world are trying to figure this thing out and you’re not alone in your struggles. However, the truth remains that you are going to have to be strong enough for both you and your partner. You are going to have to carry most of the weight of the relationship especially during the times when your partner is feeling particularly vulnerable. 

But more than anything, it’s absolutely important that you remind yourself of a few of these tips about dealing with a person with anxiety. Ingrain these reminders into your head and try your absolute best to keep them in your heart. Have faith and trust in the power of your love to pull through.

1. They are not defined by their anxiety.

There is so much more to who they are than just their anxiety. They shouldn’t be limited to this curse that has been laid upon them. They have so much more to offer the world. They only need a platform for them to shine. 

2. They get very stressed out a lot easier than most.

Having to deal with anxiety takes a great deal of mental strength. Sometimes, a person’s mental strength can get used up especially when all mental faculties are firing on all cylinders. That’s why it’s very easy for people with anxiety to get overwhelmed. 

3. Don’t take it personally whenever they ask you for some space.

A person who deals with anxiety is going to retreat into solitude and seclusion fairly often as some sort of coping mechanism. Don’t be offended whenever they ask you to give them some space. It’s just their way of recovering. 

4. They know whenever they are being irrational.

They know that their mental faculties can often get compromised by the sheer intensity of their anxiety. They also know that they are prone to irrational thinking; but sometimes, no amount of rationality is enough to overcome anxiety, and they just have to power through. 

5. They aren’t going to be comfortable with drastic change.

If you are going to make any changes to the dynamics of your relationship, make sure you do so gradually. You can’t afford to be bringing about drastic change in the relationship and expect your partner to be okay with it. It takes them a while to get used to things. 

6. They tend to be absent-minded.

While they may be physically present right in front of you, don’t be surprised to know that their minds are often wandering far away. They aren’t always going to be living in the present and it’s your job to respect that and help guide them back to reality.

7. They are thankful for all the help that they receive even if they don’t express it.

They are always going to be grateful for whatever you do for them. They might not be as expressive as most people but you should never doubt that all of your thoughtfulness is always going to be appreciated. 

8. You have to be patient with them.

It takes so much patience to be in a relationship with a person who is dealing with anxiety. You have to practice maximum tolerance at all times. You are in a relationship with a delicate flower that requires lots of nurturing, guidance, support, and love. Just make sure that you don’t lack in any of these things and you’re going to be fine. 

9. They are still downright awesome human beings.

At the end of the day, people with anxiety are still human beings. They are regular people who have dreams, ambitions, passions, and aspirations. They have just as much potential within them to do great and awesome things. It’s just that they have this lingering problem that other people aren’t forced to bear on a daily basis. 

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