9 Sad Reasons A Man Might Leave A Woman He Still Loves

Love. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s one of the most amazing experiences you could possibly ever share with another person. But despite what you’ve been led to believe, love alone isn’t going to be enough to sustain a relationship. Do you know why? Because human beings are flawed. And not all love stories are going to perfect precisely because of this reason.

Just because you love someone doesn’t automatically mean that all of the issues and problems in your relationship are going to fix themselves. You might be confident that you have a man who loves you. But if the issues in your relationship are far too strong, then there is a chance that he is still going to leave you despite the fact that he loves you.

You can’t be so naïve to think that love is going to just mean that you are destined for a life of perpetual happiness and bliss with your partner. There is still a very real chance that things are going to go wrong. And that’s why you still need to fight for each other even if you know that you’re in love with one another.

If you still don’t understand how a man can leave you even if he still loves you, then this would be the perfect article for you to read. At the end of the day, you will still want to know as much as you can about trying to sustain your relationship to the best of your abilities. That’s why you will want to make yourself aware of the various reasons a man might still leave you even if he still loves you.

1. Boredom

Love can also be boring. And even though he loves you doesn’t mean he’s going to stay with you if you refuse to do your part in making sure that you still have a lot of fun in your relationship.

2. Cheating

If you cheat on your man, you shouldn’t expect him to want to stay with you. Cheating can bring about a lot of pain, anguish, and sorrow to a guy. If you break his heart, he isn’t going to want to be around you even if he does still love you terribly.

3. Intimate Dissatisfaction

As sad as it is to say, a lot of men are going to want out of relationships where they don’t get any physical satisfaction. It’s a need for any kind of romantic relationship to always engage in physical intimacy. It can be very problematic when you don’t make an effort to meet his needs and desires.

4. Insecurity

You might be feeding too much into his insecurities and that’s how you end up forcing him out of your relationship. You might constantly be maligning him and making him feel bad about who he is. You have to make sure that you aren’t trying to change him or make him feel that he’s not good enough to be with you.

5. Disrespect

No relationship is ever going to be able to survive when there is blatant disrespect being exhibited there. You always want to make sure that you show your man the respect that he is truly deserving of. You never want him to feel like you see him as a lesser form of human. You want him to keep a hold of his dignity in your relationship.

6. Ingratitude

Yes, you might love him. But how many times have you expressed gratitude and appreciation for the things that he has done for you and the relationship? Even if a man loves you, it’s going to hurt him to know that you don’t really appreciate the things that he does for you and the relationship.

7. Co-dependence

A man is never going to want to be trapped in a relationship with someone who is virtually incapable of supporting herself on her own. He needs to know that you just aren’t in a relationship with him because you need him to take care of you. That’s just too much pressure for a lot of people to handle.

8. Lack of Space and Freedom

You know that he loves you but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t going to want his space and freedom every once in a while. He is still going to want to make sure that he gets to do his own thing outside of the relationship. And you need to be able to give him the space and freedom to do so.

9. Ambiguity


A man might still leave a girl he loves if he doesn’t know where things are headed with her. Even if you know that he loves you, you are still going to want to make sure to talk about where you are in the relationship and where it’s going. You don’t want to leave things hanging in the air when it comes to your relationship.

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