9 Signs A Guy Is Not Over His Ex-Girlfriend

Are you still not over her?

It takes a lot to get over a breakup. A person needs an ample amount of time and space before he can fully say that he’s recovered from an abrupt and sad ending to a relationship. Breakups can take very heavy emotional tolls on people, and so it’s perfectly plausible for someone to be getting into a new relationship with necessarily having gotten over the last one. Whenever you find yourself getting into a relationship with a man whom you suspect still isn’t over his ex, then you should be very wary.

It can be very difficult and complicated to deal with a man who isn’t over an ex. There is too much unnecessary emotional baggage there that you will be forced to deal with, and it isn’t even funny. You need to be able date guys who have blank slates and are ready for fresh starts. So how do you know when a guy isn’t really over his ex yet? You need to be on the lookout for these signs.

1. He still takes care of his ex-girlfriend’s dog.

This might sound like a very specific scenario, but it tends to happen to a lot of men. They will use the dog as an excuse to get closer to their ex-girlfriends. They will make it seem as if they’re still emotionally invested in the dog but in truth, they really just want to get back together. He is using the dog as an alibi and you shouldn’t fall for it.

2. He still texts her on a regular basis.

It would be weird if they exchanged text messages at all after a breakup. But it would be even weirder if they exchanged text messages on a regular basis. If he’s really looking to date new people, he wouldn’t be texting his ex at all. He should be leaving himself open for new experiences; not limiting himself to old flames.– Continue reading on the next page

3. He organizes birthday parties for her.

Why would he be wasting a lot of time and energy on organizing a birthday party for her if he says that he’s over her? He’s lying. No man in his right mind would organize a party for an ex unless he wants to get back together with her or if he has some lingering emotional baggage there. He should only have energy and time for the new people that he chooses to date.

4. He goes to social events with her.

Picture this scenario: they had mutual friends when they were a couple, and they got invited to attend a wedding together. Sure, they didn’t know they were going to break up at the time so they agreed to go as dates. Now fast-forward to the present where they’ve broken up. It shouldn’t be advisable for them to go together as dates to the wedding. That is just plain awkward. They should go as single guests unless of course they have a hidden agenda there.

5. He keeps badmouthing her during your conversations.

The point here is that he really shouldn’t be bringing her up at all. His ex should not be the topic of your conversations. It doesn’t matter whether he is speaking ill or nicely of her. If he brings her up during your conversations, then it is highly likely that he still has not gotten over her. It is a blatant indication that she still crosses his mind constantly and that he has not yet moved on.

6. He still does some household maintenance chores for her.

If he is still her personal handyman, then that is a sure sign that he is still trying to win back her affections. He still likes it when she makes him feel needed and he would come running to her at any moment’s notice if she calls. If a man really gets over his ex, then he wouldn’t be so invested in trying to take care of her even after the breakup.– Continue reading on the next page

7. He still keeps her informed about big news in his life.

Why would it be so important for him to let her know about his biggest promotion or pay raise? Why does her opinion matter at all if she’s only but someone from his past? It may be because he is trying to impress her in an effort to win her back.

8. He keeps old photos of her and him together.

Another big sign that he isn’t over his ex is when he still keeps old pictures of them together and looks them over every so often. If you catch him peering over some old vacation photos of them together, then you should take that as a big red flag that he definitely isn’t over her.

9. He gets upset when she starts seeing other people.

One of the biggest signs that a man isn’t over his ex is when he reacts violently to the news of her seeing other men. He still wants to be the only man in her life and news of her getting out there will not be received by him positively.

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