9 Signs He Doesn’t Really Love You But Is Afraid To Hurt Your Feelings

Sometimes, you can get into a relationship with someone even when there really isn’t any spark between the two of you. Sometimes, you might have had sparks when you first started, but those sparks can also go away just as easily. Sometimes, you can have a guy just fall out of love with you or be completely disinterested in being with you – and yet, he would still stay with you just because he’s afraid of hurting you.

You might laugh at this situation, but it happens way too often. But you would never want this to happen to you. This is not a sustainable way of going about a relationship. And if you know that your man just doesn’t want to be with you, it might be better for you to just let him go. This is especially true if he isn’t brave enough to just break things off with you himself.

It might be painful to acknowledge that the guy you like is only patronizing you and isn’t really into you. But it’s a truth that you’re going to have to accept because living in a delusion would only bring even more pain in the future. If you notice that a lot of the signs listed here apply to your guy, then chances are he’s definitely not as into you as you might think:

1. He doesn’t remember the important dates in your relationship.

He doesn’t really keep track of all the important dates that you have in your relationship. He doesn’t pay attention to anniversaries, birthdays, or things of that nature. It just goes to show just how uninvested he is in all of the sentimental details that surround your relationship as a whole. It’s as if he’s totally indifferent to all of it.

2. He takes forever to respond to your text messages.

He doesn’t really care much about the fact that it makes you anxious whenever he chooses to take his time before he replies to you. He might not even reply to you altogether. He might just be content with replying to you on his own convenience regardless if it’s prompt or not.

3. He doesn’t seem comfortable talking about anything sexual.

Whenever you try to get sexual with him, it’s as if he displays a significant show of discomfort. It’s either he’s going to just laugh your advances off or he’s just going to try to divert the topic elsewhere. He is clearly not interested in trying to get physically intimate with you because he doesn’t see you in that capacity.

4. He avoids spending alone time with you.


He doesn’t really try to spend much alone time with you. In fact, as much as possible, he would only ever want to hang out with you if it is in a group setting. He would find it really awkward to be in an intimate situation with you because he doesn’t really have any feelings of intimacy towards you at all.

5. He casually brings up other girls during conversations.

It’s either he’s dropping hints that he’s just plainly interested in being with other girls or he’s just completely indifferent to how you might feel about him bringing up other women in conversations. Either way, it’s not a good sign. A man who is truly in love with you wouldn’t be bringing other girls up too much during conversations.

6. He shoots down conversations you might have about marriage.

Lovely couple

When you try to talk about serious relationship commitments such as marriage or moving in together, he just automatically tries to shut you down. He either gives you a very vague answer or he quickly tries to change the topic to something else. He doesn’t want to give you anything definitive in that regard.

7. He doesn’t make long-term plans with you.

He tries his best to shy away from making long-term plans with you. He doesn’t want to commit to going to any weddings with you as your date. He doesn’t want to say that he’s going to be moving in with you. Any kind of long-term plans will really be off-putting to him during your conversations.

8. He doesn’t show initiative in the relationship.

He doesn’t really show many initiatives in the relationship. He’s always leaving it up to you to do most of the heavy lifting. He doesn’t try to put forth much effort in actually trying to keep the relationship alive and afloat. He’s just coasting and going with the flow.

9. He spends most of his time on other people or other activities.

Instead of spending more time with you and on the relationship, he would rather make use of his time by hanging out with other people and doing other things. It just goes to show that he doesn’t really consider your relationship to be a priority.

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