9 signs he’s manipulating you without you realizing it

You may think what you have with someone is all pure and special. But there’s more than what meets the eye. In reality, it might be worse than you actually thought; all the while you’ll think there is no better relationship on the entire planet than yours. And why would that be? Because of this thing called a manipulation. No one wants to be in a relationship with a manipulative person, but that doesn’t mean we will never experience it at some point in life.

Now if you’ve fallen in love with him head over heels, it might become real hard to detach yourself from him just to look a little closer and get the hang of what’s happening. So we’ve come up with 10 signs he’s manipulating you and you’ve no clue about it.

1. He chooses his place to talk things over

Whenever you two have something to talk about or want to confront one another after a fight, he’ll ask you to come to his place and talk things over. That’ll give him the advantage of the my-house-my-rules concept. He’ll deliberately put you in a position where you’ll feel uncomfortable, as if you can’t set your own terms.

2. He makes you talk first

This might seem all simple and plain, but the truth lies deeper than what is on the surface. When your guy tells you to go ahead and be the first one to talk, it will clue him in about what you think of the matter, what you blame or don’t blame him forall of it just so that he can better defend himself and make you the bad guy. He’ll manipulate you to talk first so that he can have the last word. 

3. He doesn’t apologize to you not really

This is also something that can be very hard to notice when it comes to being with a manipulative person. He might apologize to you, but just for the sake of it. It will all be just for show. He will not mean it from the depths of his head and heart. If he apologizes to you sincerely, it will place you in a somewhat dominant position than himsomething no manipulator wants.

4. He gets angry at you when you’re upset

It’s pure manipulation when he gets angry at you when you’re upset. He will use his anger as an excuse so that he would not have to deal with your moods. In the hopes you might come out of that mood, he’ll place his own moods before yours to deal with, rather than make you feel better.

5. He doesn’t give you time to think things over

Don’t mistake his manipulation for sweetness; because when he says he can’t take it you being upset anymore and decides things first without hearing your say in it know that he is doing so because he does not want to give you the time and chance to speak up and think things through. That will mean you having some kind of authority over him. That is something no manipulator ever wants.

6. He points out to you your faults

We all are allowed mistakes. A manipulative person will use this to their advantage, though. He’s being manipulative when he sits there pointing out all your flaws to you so that you can see him as the better person. That, in turn, will make you hate yourself more hence try harder than ever to please him.

7. He makes himself the innocent one while bringing up past issues

He’ll start recounting issues from the past and telling you that even though you did this and that, he did not get mad at you. It’s a form of manipulation too, because he’s using that as an excuse to defend his crappy behavior. While he moves on from that problem you two-faced in the past, him bringing it up and defending himself alone in the process will make you feel bad about yourself. You’ll begin to think to yourself that what if, all those times, you were the one in the wrong? He makes you doubt yourself.

8. He makes jokes about you

He will use humor to make you see less of yourself. His sarcastic comments will hold double meanings in the hopes that you get his point and see yourself as someone below him. That way, he will use jokes to manipulate you into feeling inferior.

9. He judges your preferences

So you tell him you have developed a new interest in some sports, lets say football. He will not encourage you or express his joy at that. Instead, he will manipulate you into thinking you’re unworthy to have such preferences by his baseless judgement, such as saying, you sure you’ll be able to pull off a sports like football?. Sure, we all have hobbies and likes/dislikes our significant other doesn’t like all the time, but the difference between them and a manipulative significant other lies in the way he responds to that preference. He’ll trick you into thinking you are quite unworthy of them to begin with.

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