9 Signs He’s Your Soulmate And You Should Not Let Him Go

A soulmate is someone who fits with you incredibly well because of a special connection. They understand and love you no matter what. Soulmates have a deep bond that stays strong even when they’re not together. When you find your soulmate, they’ll accept you and support you, helping you become the best you can be.

Let’s look at the signs that prove that he is your soulmate, and you should never let him go.

1. You meet them at the right time

Meeting your soulmate can feel like everything falls into place just right. It’s like the universe brings you together when you really need it. You both come together when you’re ready for love and to grow personally. This special bond might mean that something bigger is guiding you to be together.

2. You get along like best friends

Soulmates are more than just romantic partners; they’re also your closest friends. Being with them feels comfortable, and talking is easy. You both laugh together easily, and you can be yourself without worrying about what they’ll think. This deep companionship shows that you’ve found a soulmate.

3. He doesn’t play any games with you

A true soulmate is genuine and honest. There’s no need for mind games or manipulation. He communicates openly and respects your feelings. This sincerity in your interactions is a sign of a healthy and authentic connection.

4. You have similar life goals

When your dreams match, it’s a strong sign of being soulmates. You both encourage each other’s goals and strive for similar things. This common purpose can lead to a happy life together.

5. He respects differences in opinion

A soulmate understands that you won’t always agree on everything. He values your perspective and engages in healthy discussions. This respect for differing opinions creates a space where both of you can grow and learn from each other.

6. He brings out the best in each other

Being with your soulmate inspires positive change. You motivate each other to become better individuals. He sees your potential and encourages you to pursue your passions. This dynamic pushes you to reach new heights together.

7. You feel at ease with him

When you’re with your soulmate, you feel relaxed and at ease. It’s like being in your safe place. You can be yourself without feeling scared. This comfort shows a strong bond that’s more than just surface deep.

8. You love him even at their worst

Soulmates love each other no matter what, even when problems come up. You support each other through good and bad times. This strong love during hard moments shows that you’re soulmates who can handle anything together.

9. You just know he’s the one

At times, you just know he’s the right one. It’s like a strong feeling deep inside you, a sense of knowing that’s hard to explain. You see his good traits, and they feel familiar and special. This strong feeling can mean your souls are truly connected.

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  1. I have found him but it turns out he’s a divorced man with kids. I don’t if this is true or it’s just fantasies

    1. I have such a wonderful person in my life and I fell deeply in love with him.
      It was Like I had been knowing him for so long and just met him.
      We had a lot in common and we had the same goal in mind..
      We both love the lord I know I have met my soulmate
      We just have to continue to pray for God Protection to continue to cover our marriage under the blood of Jesus..

  2. Yes, he satisfies all those criteria but now that we are married and he took me to live with him, most of these change

  3. I found him 10 years ago, go lt separated due to distance, he got married but now he’s back with me and we both can’t help it😢

  4. I found him then he pushed me away because he has prostrate cancer. I’m so cut because we’re perfect together

  5. I feel that he is the one for me but we no longer together,I love and miss him everyday so deeply..I always say he is my man and one day he will come back to me…I have noticed all the signs when we were still together. now I miss every moment with him though it’s been 3 months of break up

  6. If you find your soulmate… Don’t cheat him with having external marital relationships..that hurts him a lot ..

  7. Yes…, Very well. I feel this way in my relationship, all doh I’m truly in love with my BF and i also have a crush whom i also have feelings for, all doh he is very friendly in fact he is my bestie…, But my BF my love is more caring and supportive, also i have this peculiar feelings for my Boyfriend

  8. I met my husband 4 months after my Dad died, and I had left a narcissistic relationship. Neither one of us were actively looking, nor did we expect anything to happen. 10 years on, we’ve been inseparable since the moment we kissed. He’s undoubtedly my soulmate, my best friend, and my life-long companion. His smile brightens up my world, his laugh is infectious, and I adore every fibre of his being. He is my world, that’s simply factual. We believe in fate, because of each other.

  9. We dated when we were both younger but life happens.He’s now in his late forties and I in my fifties.Our relationship is now better than before.He completes me and I love him dearly . He’s my friend ,my lover to be and we both plan to grow old together.With God at the centre of our relationship we can overcome anything.

  10. I think I have seen him, but I pray 🙏 and hope
    It lasts, we were together for 2 years and then broke up for 3years, he tried getting married to someone else cos I refused getting back with him but it didn’t work out, currently we’ve made up and it seems like yesterday we are so happy to be together again soon we’ll be getting married I just pray 🙏 it works cos we’re so deeply into each other, love 💕 is a beautiful thing.

  11. I’m married. Now I met a boss on online work that stays some 1000 miles away. I never knew what was going on when he seemed very strict. Later I found out he is my soul mate. Though he was a professional I never knew or picked up on clues that he truly loves me. He used say , sleep well, how did your weekend go. Did you sleep well, some caring words which I thought were normal..until I sensed his voice note one day I didn’t talk to him for two days because I was quite upset at how he behaved on call regarding some work. Later he sent a voice note regarding some work but very minor detail that I need to pay attention to..it was never necessary to send but he sounded little shaky and sent the voice note at a very odd time. I sensed that he missed me. Now I don’t work for him anymore, because my husband sensed that my boss sounds odd with and he said I should stop working for him. I did quit the job. Never texted him or called him neither did he. I knew its him that sulfate, during work I came to know his date of birth two days to mine, he has same qualifications, same work goals, which I got scared of knowing eventually. I had to really end this work as he’s always on my mind. I prayed to God should help me to overcome my emotions that I can’t share with anyone. We are in this world to fulfil our destinies and our responsibility as what is at place but not alter things cos we met soulmate. I believe they have their own destiny to fulfil in this life time before taking on another in another life.

  12. I have seen all the signs in him I feel he is my soul mate ,I want to be free around him his voice gives me strength to carry on I want to talk to him every now and then but honestly it has never cross my mind that I could be this madly in love with someone like him I’m not afraid of anything around him

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