9 Signs That A Woman Is Madly In Love With You

Sometimes, men can just be completely clueless when it comes to love and romance. You might assume that a girl is obsessed with you even when she isn’t. Or you might think that a girl only sees you as a friend even though she’s obsessively in love with you.

It’s just part of the natural problems that arise with gender differences. You aren’t always going to be able to see eye to eye with the female species because you have completely different emotional compositions. You communicate in different manners and you’re not always going to be on the same page.

However, you need to make an effort to really understand your girl better. You must always know whether a girl is in love with you. You can’t be so irresponsible so as to completely blind yourself to a woman’s feelings for you. That’s just rude and immature.

You need to be more mindful of the feelings of the people around you so that you can act accordingly; like a proper gentleman. You can’t be selfish and just going about as if you have everything figured out. It’s absolutely vital that you know if a girl is in love with you regardless if you love her or not as well.

If you love her in return, then that’s great. At least you would be able to act on that love for her with the knowledge that she loves you as well. However, if you don’t love her in return and you’re completely oblivious to how she feels about you, then you run the risk of leading her on.

It’s cruel for you to be keeping her on a leash like that even if you’re unaware of it. It would be ideal for you to just let her down easy and make sure that she knows that you’re not interested.

1. She really makes a habit of paying attention to the things you say.

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She has great attention to detail when it comes to the things that you say. She really makes it a point to listen to you; and to take note of all the details. She really remembers the stuff that you tell her.

2. She loves spending time with you when you’re alone.

She loves spending time with you in general – but she loves it whenever you get to spend time together in an intimate space. And she’s always asking you if you can spend time together when it’s just the two of you.

3. She gets really touchy with you.

If she gets touchy with you, then it shows that she has developed a kind of comfort with you. It shows that she trusts you and that she wants to get closer to you. She is trying to make you feel her love for you with her touch.

4. She runs errands for you even when you don’t ask her to.

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She really does whatever she can to try to make your life as comfortable as possible. She wants to show you that she’s perfectly capable of taking care of you.

5. She stalks your social media constantly.

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She’s obsessed with you. She’s always the first person to like a picture of you whenever you post something. She is always so quick to reply to your comments. She really wants you to notice her both in the real world and in the virtual world.

6. She is usually the one who initiates and prolongs the conversations.

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She really wants to talk to you and connect with you. And she really puts the effort into trying to get you to notice her as well. She always does her best to prolong conversations with you.

7. She really establishes eye contact when you’re talking in person.

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She wants you to really see how she feels by gazing deep into your eyes. She’s saying so many things with the way that she looks at you, but you’re just not paying attention. She’s trying to let you see deep into her soul so you know the kind of love that she has for you.

8. She takes a genuine interest in your passions.

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She wants to immerse herself in your life. She really wants you to know just how interested in you. She wants to know as much as she can about you – she wants to figure out the things that you’re most passionate about. And she’s wondering if you could ever grow to be passionate about being with her.

9. She tells you that she’s in love with you.

And lastly, you know that she’s in love with you if she actually tells you that she’s in love with you. It’s rare for a girl to be playing with men like that. She wouldn’t be telling you that she’s in love with you just for kicks. She isn’t joking around. She’s putting herself out there and she’s hoping that you won’t leave her hanging.

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