9 Signs That He Just Isn’t That Into You

Sometimes, a guy just isn’t going to be into you no matter how much you want him to be. It always pays to be resilient and persistent in relationships. It’s always good if you show that you’re willing to work hard for a man’s attention and love. If he isn’t into you right away, then that’s fine. You can still try your best to work your charms on him in the hopes that you’re eventually going to win him over. However, it also gets to a point where you just need to say that enough is enough.

If he isn’t responding to your romantic advances, then you need to cut those ties and just move on with your life. There’s no point in trying to prolong your own pain. Look at it this way, if you waste too much time on trying to get him to like you, then you are also depriving yourself of the opportunity to go out and be with guys who actually might want to be with you. So yes, work hard for his love. But if you see that he just isn’t interested, then learn to move on.

If he is guilty of these 9 signs, then chances are that he’s just not that into you and you might as well move on.

1. He doesn’t care that you go out all of the time without him.

Typically a man who likes you would want to feel as included in your life as possible. He wouldn’t want to be a mere spectator as he watches you live your life without him. And so if your guy just doesn’t care about the fact that you go out way too many times without him, it’s probably because he just doesn’t care much about being a part of your life in general.

2. He would rather hang out at the gym than be with you.

Or he would rather hang out with his buddies instead of you. The point is that he would rather spend his time doing other things and hanging out with other people as opposed to being with you.

3. He doesn’t make an effort to open himself up to you.

He doesn’t really see the point in opening himself up to you. He doesn’t see any potential benefits of allowing himself to become open and vulnerable to you. He’s not interested in letting you catch a more in-depth glimpse of his life because he doesn’t want to establish anything romantic or deep with you at all.

4. He doesn’t make an effort to look good for you.

He really doesn’t care much for the impression that he makes on you. In truth, he couldn’t care less about whether you find him physically attractive or not. He’s only interested in how he feels and what makes him comfortable. He’s not really invested in getting you to be physically attracted to him because he’s just not that into you.

5. He rarely ever takes you out on a real date.

He doesn’t care much for getting intimate with you. He doesn’t really invest himself in the idea of really getting close to you on a romantic level. He would much rather hang out with you on a platonic platform because he just might not be interested at all in establishing any romantic ties with you.

6. He doesn’t take an interest in the things that you’re interested in.

He couldn’t care less about your passions and hobbies. He doesn’t want to invest himself too much in the things that you’re interested in because there is no incentive for him to do so. He has his own personal interests and these are good enough for him.

7. He insults you and he maligns you with his words.

He doesn’t care much about how you feel. He does or says whatever he wants regardless of how his actions or words may impact you on an emotional level. He’s not really invested in your feelings and emotions; and he has no problems with being selfish around you.

8. He makes plans without consulting you.

He goes about his life without thinking about you. He doesn’t really care much for you on a romantic level and he’s more invested in how he’s going to carry out is daily life without you. He doesn’t care about whatever you might have to say about his plans or decisions surrounding his life.

9. He doesn’t put in any effort in trying to get close to you.

He’s okay with where you are right now. Casual. He’s relaxed. And he wants to keep things that way. He isn’t interested in taking things deeper with you. He isn’t interested in taking things to the next level. He just wants to be your friend, and hopefully, you are smart enough to recognize that. You can’t keep chasing after a guy who isn’t going

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