9 Signs That He’s Grown Sick Of Your Relationship And He Wants Out

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He has reached his limit.

It’s very rare when two people who are in a romantic relationship with one another decide that they want to break up with each other at the exact same moment. If that’s the case, it would make the breakup a whole lot easier since it’s a mutual decision that two adults make together. But again, that’s rarely ever the case. Most of the time, there is only one person in the relationship who is thinking about the breakup while the other person could still be thinking that things are going great. One person could still be emotionally invested in the romance while the other could already be checking out of it. This is where things get tricky.

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Breakups are always difficult. You invest so much of yourself into your relationship and you try your best to make things work out, but sometimes, they just don’t. You are left dejected, heartbroken, disappointed, and of course, shocked. And the whole shock factor of the situation just tends to make it worse. When you are able to see a breakup looming in your relationship, you can emotionally prepare yourself for it. You can try to brace yourself for the emotional storm that is about to overtake your life. You can hash things out with your partner about how things aren’t working out. And it will be much easier for you to find closure at the end of it all and closure will help you move on to better things in life and love.

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So that’s why it’s important for you to always be on guard. You need to be able to sniff out the red flags in your relationship. You need to be able to see if things aren’t going exactly the way that they should be going. You need to know that you and your partner are still operating on the same page throughout your relationship; that they’re not keeping anything from you with regards to how they’re feeling.

But there will be some instances wherein your partner might not want to hurt you; and so they will keep their ill feelings about your relationship to themselves. This is bad for both you and your partner. You just have to be able to come clean about your feelings no matter how uncomfortable they might be. So to make sure that you don’t get blindsided by an uncommunicative partner, make sure that you seek out these 10 signs that they want out of your relationship:

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1. He no longer makes an effort to initiate or prolong conversations with you.

Communication is always an important aspect of any relationship. And if he isn’t making an effort in that department any longer, then perhaps it’s because he isn’t so invested in your relationship anymore.

2. He constantly prioritizes other people and activities over you and your relationship now.

He wants you to feel just how little he thinks of you and this relationship now. And he does that passive-aggressively; by choosing to prioritize other people and activities over you. He would much rather go out drinking with his buddies than to dinner with you.

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3. He picks fight with you over the simplest things.

He is frustrated with how the relationship has turned out; and he’s frustrated that he can’t seem to get out of it. And so he will try to release his frustrations on you by trying to pick fights with you over nothing.

4. He doesn’t really talk about the future with you anymore.

And it’s probably because he doesn’t really see having a future with you in it anymore. The future that he envisions is when where you’ve both already gone your separate ways.

5. He doesn’t make an effort to talk to you about your day.

He isn’t interested in your life anymore and so there’s really no point in asking. He isn’t interested in opening up about his day either.

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6. He rarely initiates dates at this point.

He isn’t invested in really establishing or building a connection with you anymore. Date nights were always for romance and intimacy. But nowadays, he sees them as unnecessary hassles that he doesn’t want to have to concern himself with.

7. He has expressed less of his intimacy towards you.

He doesn’t want to lead you on anymore. He wants you to feel his disinterest in this relationship and this love. He’s checked out and he wants you to do the same as well.

8. He asks you for more alone time than he usually does.

It’s normal for people in relationships to ask for space and privacy every so often. But if you find that he I doing it way too much, then you can probably tell that he’s just trying to avoid being with you.

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9. He compares you to other women to make you feel bad about yourself.

He wants you to feel like he’s struggling and killing himself just staying in this relationship with you. He wants to be set free and he thinks hurting you is the way to do it.

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