9 Signs That He’s Only Interested In Your Body

Let’s face it. There are just so many men out there who are sex-obsessed, and they can often see women as mere objects of pleasure as opposed to genuine human beings with feelings and emotions. And you never want to be in a relationship with a guy like that. You want whoever you fall in love with to be a person who wants to be with you for who you are and not just what you can do in the bedroom.

However, so many guys are just so good at lying about their intentions. So many guys are so good at deceiving women and masking their disgusting intentions with fake sincerity. And that’s why you have to be careful. You have to ensure that you are only ever giving your love to those who are worthy of it, to those who aren’t looking to play around with you.

But how do you know? How can you tell me exactly? How can you ensure that you can deter these kinds of men from pulling their tricks on you? You can protect yourself by ensuring you only open up to the right kinds of guys. If you see that the man you’re with has less than noble attention, you need to be able to turn away.

You have to make sure that your bull crap radar is on point; that you can weed out the bad boys. Here are a few signs that the man you’re with is only ever interested in the sex.

1. He only ever compliments you on your looks.

He doesn’t notice much about you other than how you look. He doesn’t compliment you on your personality, your work ethic, or your resilience. He doesn’t talk about your sensitivity, emotionality, or your empathy. He is always just taking notice of how you look. Anything beyond that doesn’t interest him.

2. He always incorporates sex into his conversations with you.

Somehow, he can’t seem to have any serious conversations with you without incorporating sex or innuendo. He’s always just so effervescent and capricious whenever he deals with you. You feel like he always has sex on his mind, and that’s because he sees you as nothing more than a sexual object.

3. He tends to send you many dirty texts and messages.

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He’s constantly trying to get you in the mood. Yes, keeping the passion and intensity in a relationship alive is important. It’s always nice to be playful with your partner. However, it’s entirely different when it seems to be the only thing he can talk about when he’s with you.

4. The only dates you have are at home with delivery pizza.

He doesn’t take you out on real dates because his feelings for you aren’t real. He’s not invested in having a relationship with you. He just wants to hook up with you whenever he wants. And it’s easier when you’re both already at home.

5. He gets upset whenever you refuse to have sex with him.

He should always be respectful of your body. And if you’re not in the mood for sex, he has no right to impose his will on you.

6. He rushes through foreplay.

He doesn’t care much about the buildup. He doesn’t care much about pleasing you. He doesn’t care much about the entire process as a whole. He just wants to get things over with and then leave. He wants to go straight to the point because he doesn’t see any other purpose with you.

7. He goes straight to the bedroom whenever he gets to your place.

No talking. No eating. No bonding. It’s all sex. The moment he arrives at your place, he automatically heads straight for your bedroom because that’s really the only place he ever wants to be interacting with you. He just wants to have sex; and nothing else.

8. He leaves right after sex.

The mission has been accomplished. The task has been completed. He has gotten everything over with and now it’s time for him to leave. You know that he is ONLY in it for the sex if he just bolts right after he does the deed. He doesn’t want to engage in pillow talk at all.

9. Most of his late-night texts are just booty calls.

It would be great if you had a boyfriend who texted you late at night to tell you goodnight before he drifted off into dreamland. Or maybe he’s interested in knowing how your day went. But it would be so sad if all the late-night texts from your boyfriend were booty calls. It just goes to show that his heart isn’t really in the right place.

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