9 Signs That It’s Not Time To Give Up On Your Relationship Yet

Don’t give up!

Falling in love with someone who loves you in return might be the pinnacle of the human social experience. That’s what we’re all striving for. We all yearn to be loved in the way that we think we deserve to be. We all look for that special kind of love that just brings out the best in us; that inspires us to go about our daily lives with joy and contentment.

However, it must be known that while it is great to fall in love with a person, we also risk getting hurt by that love. Love is always going to be a risk. You put yourself out there and you make yourself more vulnerable for the sake of a relationship. You open yourself up to the possibility of getting hurt. You place your trust in the hands of another person in the hopes that things will turn out okay.

But the sad truth is that love doesn’t always work out for the best. People are just going to have to learn to accept this fact. It takes a lot of effort, time, and commitment in order for love to work. Some people make the mistake of walking away from love a little too soon. Even the slightest sign of a challenge is enough to frighten them away. People must understand that love is never going to be easy.

You have to be brave enough to actually face the challenges that come with it. You are going to have to endure the hardships if you want to see things through. While, of course, it would be wise for you to walk away from doomed relationships, you have maintained the least bit of optimism. Just because things seem bleak in a relationship doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to pull through. Here are a few signs that you just aren’t supposed to walk away from your relationship just yet.

1. Neither of you want to break up.

That’s great. If neither of you want to break up, then that means you still have a fighting chance. It means that both of you are still willing to put in the effort that it takes to make this relationship work. It means that neither of you are willing to let this thing die.

2. There is unfinished business between you and your partner.

If there is something about your partner that bothers you, or if you feel like there’s something off within the dynamics of your relationship, then try seeking a simple resolution first. Talk things out with each other and see where your conversations lead. Don’t just walk away instantly.

3. You are dealing with a problem that you’ve never encountered before.

If the problem is new, then that means it isn’t necessarily going to be a terminal one. This gives you and your partner an opportunity to face a new challenge and to overcome a new obstacle as a team. Life isn’t going to stop throwing problems your way after all.

4. Your partner makes a genuine effort to change bad habits.

If your partner is still trying to change for the better, then there is always a chance the relationship can still work. It means that compromise is prevalent in the relationship for the greater good of your shared love for one another.

5. Most of your doubt stems from the noise outside of the relationship.

You let your friends or your family talk you into doubting your love and romance. They try to tell you what to do even though they don’t see things from your perspective; even though they don’t know the ins and outs of the relationship like you do.

6. You don’t have all the facts straight as of yet.


You just heard from this friend that your partner is cheating on you. You just listened to your mother give you a sermon about how your partner isn’t right for you. None of these are definitive. You have to be sure. Get all the facts straight and come up with a decision on your own.

7. Your partner made an honest mistake.

We’re all human and we’re all going to have our fair share of stumbles every so often. Don’t crucify your relationship just because your partner made a small boo boo.

8. Whatever problems you have can be fixed.

Not all problems or issues in a relationship are deal breakers. In fact, a lot of issues that loving couples encounter are very solvable. You just have to develop the patience and resilience that is needed to overcome a lot of these issues.

9. You are acting out of fear.

You’re just afraid that you are going to get your heart broken and so you want to beat your partner to the punch. You want to be the one who ends things so that you don’t get blindsided. That’s not a good enough excuse for you to walk away. You shouldn’t let fear rule your life.

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  1. Forwarded this onto my ex that ran away due to fear…..we’re not good at communication and it’s killing our souls! ?

    1. The truth Sarah he’s not scared he just made that excuse up so you would believe it! He’s really out fucking some girl or girls! You know what you do about the communication problem you actually talk and say I something!! Neither of you should sit there and not say anything about it! So key to communication is just talk or say something!! That’s all it takes but Sarah I hope you got rid of him!! Cuz he is no good 4U! Just like Sir Lewis Jones of Logansport, IN isn’t no good for Samantha who he got her to use meth for her first time in her life at 34 yrs old and gots 3 Kids! Though I know how she is.. But Lewis got her using so she wouldn’t notice that he was fucking around behind her back when they were married so she went and fucked one of his meth buddies! Tyler is a weirdo but she was going where she could get high for the price of fucking him! SMH! He was fucking around behind her back when they were messing around! But the thing is Lewis is using Tyler to set up by making her believe he is her friend when he’s just in it for the pussy! Same way as her moms ex 55yr old man who’s on HUD and mental disabilities. See now every morning After I would drop her off at night she would walk straight over to Bryan’s house to get high on spice! I didn’t know that till her stepmom told me about all that. Thats when I seen her leave his place a couple times and then I finally asked her if she needed a ride and she was surprised to see me! She was I found out that he was getting her high on spice synthetic marijuana and then he’d fuck her! Most of the time she would just pass out and he’d fuck her lifeless body getting off inside her everytime without protection or birth control.

  2. We had a huge argument… I wanna talk about it, but he is in the mood to talk, I don’t want to give up, but I’m not sure if he is giving up on this rs.

  3. I have failed myself and my kids.i met my husband at the age of 17 so its been 15 years but he cheats nonstop and now im tired. Ive tried to leave but we have bad fights and he stops me always. Ive tried legal aid for a divorce but lockdown happend and he told me in my face that he would drag the case for years i wont get his money.i am unemployed . I feel like ive run out of options and im so scared. I need mental help

  4. My wife has sever trauma that didn’t come out till we had kids since then she has hated e eryone including me and the kids . She is now in thr hospital for trying to kill herself. And nit taking her medicati9n I have been married 16 years we didn’t have the kids till the 9th years . It was a planed pregnancy ,invitro, I am sterile. The first year wasn’t to bad but she got worse every year, started dressing like she was 15 and in 4 years wS cheating but yet Stade with me I didn’t find out about the cheating till 7 months ago. She has been thru a tone of counselors and doctors and medicines but she just isn’t happy woth her life and won’t stay the course. I currently have to make a de ision . Do I let her come back as of right now u take care of both kids , house, and work while she sits in her room, or on her phone and helps 0, she told me she wanted a divorce e and to sign rights over to me of the kidsnow that had changed since she is in the hospital but I belive she is saying it because she wants out. I feel thing will go back to bad love herand she says she love me but I feel like she manipulates me. I don’t no what to do everyone says leave her. Bit I feel she will doherself in if I do. I don’t no what the right answer is.

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