9 Signs That Show That Relationships Just Aren’t Your Style

Are you a member of the unlucky in love club?

Are you one of the rare few? Are you a member of the unlucky in love club? How have you managed to stay single for so long? It’s a struggle watching your friends get into relationships left and right and you’re just there being comfortable with yourself. Is there something wrong with you? Why does this social institution just always continue to elude you? You try to find solace in the fact that many successful people in the history of the world never found success in relationships.

You can’t exactly pinpoint who at this moment, but you’re sure they are out there. Relationships are messy anyway right? You don’t want any of that drama or emotional baggage on your shoulders. They are unnecessary conveniences that you choose to live without.

Here are some signs that show that relationships just aren’t your style.

1. You Are Your Only Priority Right Now

Nothing else even matters right now. You have goals that you’ve set for yourself and nothing or no one can get in your way. You are your own master and you alone can dictate how your life will turn out. You alone have the capacity to go after your dreams and you don’t prioritize any trivial things in your life at this point.

2. There Is No Space for Another Person In Your Life Right Now

You just can’t afford to devote any time or commitment to having another person play a big role in your life at the moment. You’re a hands’ full enough as it is. There’s no need to complicate things by taking on the emotional baggage of another person and adding it to the mix. – Continue reading on the next page

3. Your Happiness Doesn’t Depend on Being in a Relationship

You’ve seen your friends who are miserable about being alone and just can’t handle being single. You don’t understand them of course because you find peace in solitude. Your happiness lies in other things. You don’t need the sweet embrace of a woman to make you happy. You live for simpler tastes and less complicated sources for joy.

4. You Can’t Force Yourself To Go Beyond Casual Dating

You gave the love thing a try but maybe you’re just not good at it. You can’t seem to get yourself over the hump of dating to get things to the next level. You don’t feel compelled to get serious with any girl you’ve met or dated. You always find comfort in just maintaining casual relationships with any girl you meet and anything beyond that would just be too awkward for you to handle.

5. You Don’t Feel The Need For Constant Companionship

You are perfectly fine with being alone. You like to get things done by yourself and you don’t find yourself constantly wishing for companionship. You are good at keeping yourself entertained despite the solitary nature of your life. You find interest in various things but the need for a love life is just not one of them. It’s not like you don’t like socially interacting with people in general, you’re not anti-social. It’s just that you don’t feel the need to constantly have someone at your side for everything that you do in life.

6. You Don’t Understand Romance

Romance is just an abstract concept to you. It’s almost trivial. You can never find someone who you can engage with romantically because you can never get yourself to that point of romantic enthusiasm with them. You don’t understand the appeal and you don’t want any part of it all. You end up alienating any romantic prospects in the process, but hey, it’s not like you weren’t being upfront with them about it right? It’s better to be clear about your indifference to romance at the offset instead of leading people on with your stoic nature.В – Continue reading on the next page

7. You Love Your Current Situation And Are Resistant To Change

You’re happy with where you are and you feel that getting into a relationship would just mess things up for you. You’ve established a comfortable routine with how you live your life and how you conduct yourself. You’re hard at work trying to achieve your dreams and you feel like a relationship would be nothing but a distraction. It’s smooth-sailing for you at the moment and you don’t want to rock that boat at all.

8. You’ve Witnessed How Destructive Relationships Can Be to People

You’ve seen your friends get into relationships that ended badly. You’ve seen how the mess and drama of bad relationships can break people and push them towards depression. You don’t want any part of that so you choose to close yourself off to any such vulnerabilities. You shy away from heartbreak by not opening yourself up to anyone at all. You don’t want that drama in your life. As strong as you think you are, you don’t want to subject yourself to the potential for heartbreak.

9. You Never Were a Fan of those Hollywood Hot Pink Love Stories

Nope. Those blockbuster movies that Hollywood just keeps chugging out left and right never appealed to you. You don’t buy into the concept of fairy tales and perfect love affairs. You don’t think peoples’ lives should be defined by their love stories, and so you’re not having any of it.

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