9 Signs That The Guy You’re Dating Is Arrogant

Whenever you are just meeting a guy for the first time who you like, it can get really exciting. Your heart starts to flutter and you get really pumped thinking about what kind of future the two of you might have together. However, it’s important that you don’t really get ahead of yourself here. You don’t want to be thinking of spending the rest of your life with this guy without getting to know him first.

And one trait in particular that you would want to look for in a man is humility. A humble guy is someone who understands that a person’s true worth is what is found within. A humble guy doesn’t feel the need to flaunt or brag about themselves. A humble guy knows that he is a work in progress and that there is always going to be room for improvement.

But an arrogant guy would never be like that. An arrogant guy is someone who is going to flaunt whatever he can possibly flaunt to the people around him. He’s someone who sees himself as perfect and always wants the attention of the world to be on him. He’s someone who would always try his best to manipulate whatever perspective other people might have of him.

And the worst part about this guy? There is very little room for growth. He wouldn’t be willing to admit any of his faults or shortcomings. He would be quick to pass the blame on others. And that can make for a very toxic relationship environment. You might not want to be a part of that. Here are a few signs that the guy you’re dating is actually too arrogant.

1. He posts selfies of himself on social media.

He’s the kind of guy who can’t get enough of looking at himself in pictures. And he feels like other people would feel the same way even though they don’t.

2. He talks about the price of his clothes and belongings.

He’s the kind of guy who openly brags to other people about how expensive his clothes and his belongings might be. He wants people to be aware of his financial privilege and it goes to show just how arrogant he really is.

3. He draws the conversation back to himself all of the time.

He’s the kind of guy who always tries to find a way to connect himself to the conversation. Regardless of what the topic of a conversation might be, he’s always going to try to push himself in the middle of it. He always wants to be the center of attention. He always feels like he has something interesting to say.

4. He tries to outdo other people in conversations.

He is the kind of guy who never lets other people get the last say during conversations. Whenever someone talks about some good news that happened to them, he immediately jumps in and he tries to top them. He never lets other people keep the spotlight for too long.

5. He always posts about his achievements on social media.

What you do on your social media page is always going to be your own business. However, you to know that you are also opening yourself up to the scrutiny and judgment of other people. And if he’s the kind of guy who seemingly has something new to brag about every day, then he might be a truly arrogant soul.

6. He never shows a willingness to send the first text.

He never really shows you the willingness to send the first text message. He is always waiting for you to send the first text because he doesn’t want to put himself in a position of weakness. He is too proud and arrogant to give up this arbitrary power play between the two of you.

7. He has too many Facebook friends.

No one has thousands of friends in real life. Even the most popular person in the world would find it difficult to maintain close kinships with thousands of people. That’s why it’s very likely that he’s just amassing a huge friends’ list purely for the sake of flexing his popularity.

8. He forces you to dress better.

He is obviously treating you as a visual object if he makes you feel like the clothes that you wear are not enough for him. He wants to make sure that you are presentable whenever he takes you out for other people to see. He’s treating you like a trophy.

9. He does more talking than he does listening.

An arrogant man is someone who doesn’t really believe that he has anything to learn from other people. And that’s why he would rather do a lot more talking than listening whenever he’s interacting with others. You would notice that he would just willingly dismiss the thoughts and opinions of other people.

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