9 Signs That You And Your Partner Have Great Sexual Chemistry

I have learned that no matter how many tips, tricks, or lessons you might read about having great sex, nothing is ever going to beat the sex you will have with that one special person who you’re meant to be with. A lot of what goes into the quality of your sex life relies on the chemistry and compatibility that you have with your partner. And there are definitely some sure ways that you are able to tell when you and your partner just have great sexual chemistry. And that chemistry can be evident even when you don’t really try for it to be that way.

These days, more and more people are very liberal about having sex in relationships even before marriage. It’s not like the old days where that was a really big deal to a lot of people. Now, not to say that there is something wrong with waiting to get married until you do it for the first time; but there is some inherent value in being able to figure out your sexual chemistry with a person before you actually commit to them. Yes, you can be in a relationship with a seemingly great guy who treats you well and does right by you; but at the end of the day, sex is going to play a big role in sustaining the passion and romance in your relationship. So when the sex is mediocre, you are putting your relationship at a huge risk.

So what is it that makes two people sexually compatible with one another? How can you ensue that you and your partner really have strong sexual chemistry? Why is it that there are just some people you perform better in the bedroom with when compared with others? Well, in order for you to gain better perspective on this matter, you’re going to have to read this article in its entirety. At the very least, it’s going to help widen your perspective on what it means to have great sexual chemistry with someone.

1. The sex is very fun and easy.

You know that you have great sexual chemistry if you and your partner are constantly having a good time. You don’t put too much pressure on yourselves. You don’t take the sex too seriously. You know that at the end of the day, it’s a manifestation of your love. And it shouldn’t have to be anything more than that.

2. You are both able to stimulate one another.

You both find ways to stimulate one another. It’s never about pure self-stimulation with the two of you. You both make a concerted effort to turn each other on.

3. You both enjoy foreplay.

You know that you both have great sexual chemistry if you don’t really want to rush the process. You know that foreplay is part of the whole experience. You know that the build-up is just as important as the climax. And you always make sure to put time into foreplay because it enriches the experience as a whole.

4. You have a great communication game going on.

You really talk to one another. You are on the same page a lot of the time when you’re in the bedroom because of how well you are able to articulate your thoughts and feelings to each other.

5. You look out for each other’s comfort levels.

You are always trying to make each other comfortable during sex. And that tells of good chemistry because it shows that you are both concerned with creating a pleasurable experience for one another. You are both invested in each other’s overall experience.

6. You take turns with acting dominant.

You know you have really good sexual chemistry when you don’t have this constant need to be in control of everything. You are both equally comfortable with taking turns on who gets to control the tempo. You both get a say in what positions you’re going to try out as a couple.

7. You know each other’s bodies so well.

You know each other’s erogenous zones. You both know what makes the other tick. You are so good at just pushing the right buttons. And of course, because of that familiarity that you have with one another, it really translates into having great chemistry in your relationship.

8. You spend time with one another even outside of the bedroom.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the stuff you do outside of the bedroom doesn’t carry int your performance in bed. The more intimate the two of you become in nonsexual settings, the more intimate your sex life is going to end up becoming as well. It’s all connected.

9. You both open yourselves up to new experiences.

You both know that they key to constantly having fun in sex is always opening yourselves up to trying new things. You are both game to experiment a little bit. You are always open to new experiences inside of the bedroom (and sometimes, outside as well).

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