9 Signs That Your Girlfriend is Overly Possessive

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At first you think you’ve fallen in love with a perfectly normal lady who will do right by you. But as you go deeper and deeper into the relationship, you start to discover more about each other and you don’t like what you see.

We’ve had our share of experiences with crazy girlfriends. Things can get pretty ugly. At first you think you’ve fallen in love with a perfectly normal lady who will do right by you. But as you go deeper and deeper into the relationship, you start to discover more about each other and you don’t like what you see.

The deepest and darkest demons start to rear their ugly heads, and the once-perfect girl you thought you knew is now a crazy control freak who wants to micromanage every aspect of your life. How did you let it get this far? Why didn’t you notice the signs early on in the relationship?

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That’s your own fault. Maybe your need for love blindsided you to the terrors that lurked behind her eyes. Next time, be wary of the signs and save yourself the horrors of having a possessive girlfriend in the future.

Here are some blatant indications that your girlfriend is overly possessive:

1. She expects you to tell her everything absolutely everything!

If you sneezed 3 times today, she’ll want to know about it. She asks you what you plan to wear for your date two weeks from now. She would want to know what your best friend’s cousin ordered for lunch last Tuesday. She engrosses herself in the minutest details of your life because she’s obsessed and she’s insecure. She wants to know that you’re not fooling around with her and that you’re taking things seriously. If she starts doing this early in a relationship, get out while you still can.

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2. She won’t allow you to hang out with your boys.

There’s absolutely no room for anyone else in your life except for her. You’re not even allowed to spend a night out with your boys because she’s seen too many bro-movies to know how those nights end up. Her imagination runs wild and drives her crazy every time you’re out and about without her. If you do manage to get a night out with your boys, she’s probably going to call you every 45 seconds to check up on you.

3. She accuses you of being selfish when you want alone time.

She doesn’t want you to ever be alone because she’s only ever comfortable when she’s with you. She likes to keep her eye on you constantly. If she could look into your thoughts, she would expect her own image to be there every single hour of every single day.В – Continue reading on the next page

4. She likes setting rules for you.

What are you? A kindergarten student? Why do you have to have house rules? You might as well be a pet dog in need of training. If she’s setting too many rules for you, then that means she doesn’t trust you enough to make your own decisions in life. She doesn’t want you to think for yourself because she wants to make all decisions on your behalf.

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5. She’s so suspicious of everything that you do, she’s practically a detective.

She doesn’t believe any stories or alibis you give. She has to do her own snooping to get to the bottom of things. There is no trust here at all. You could be playing her and she wants to know firsthand. Your word is not good enough in your relationship and you should be worried.

6. She wants to brand herself on every aspect of your life.

Your profile picture on Facebook? She has to be on it. Your bedside table? There’s got to be a picture of her there somewhere. Your phone’s background wallpaper? Well, you’re starting to get the trend here right?

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7. She tracks your activity on social media.

You better not like that photo of the pretty blonde in your Cross-fit class. She’ll know about it and she’ll go crazy on you for it. You’re practically in social media jail and she’s the warden. Nothing gets done on social media without her knowing about it. You might as well share Facebook and Instagram accounts at this point.В – Continue reading on the next page

8. She gets upset when she you don’t reply to her texts right away.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If you’re not replying to her within 30 seconds, she will unload a storm on you. Get ready to be on the receiving end of a lot of nagging and shouting about proper cellphone usage. Really though. Is your business meeting really more important than replying to your girlfriend?

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9. She wants you to flaunt your relationship even if you’re not serious yet.

If you’re only in the dating or getting-to-know-you phase of your relationship, and she’s already wanting to be introduced to everyone as your girlfriend, get out while you still can. That’s one of the most prominent indications of having a crazy possessive girlfriend. If she’s not giving you your space during the early stages, you can only expect her to get clingier as you go along.

10. PDA is non-negotiable to her.

Oh you’re uncomfortable with PDA? Too bad. She wants to make out with you in front of your friends because she wants to mark you as her territory in front of everyone. She doesn’t care about how you feel about it.

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