9 Signs That Your Guy Has Some Serious Insecurities

If you are experienced in love and relationships, then you have probably encountered your fair share of terrible boyfriends in the past. You might have experienced being in relationships with men who were too overconfident and vain; men who were really only in it for themselves.

You got so tired of being with these selfish men that you actually welcomed any kind of change. You were desperate to be with any other kind of man. You were desperate to be with a guy who would finally think about someone other than himself for once.

That is why when you finally met the “nice’ guy, you were so excited. You were finally with a man who would bring you pretty flowers out of the blue. You were with a guy who would take you out on really fancy and elaborate dates that he would really put a lot of effort into.

You were finally with a man who would only ever really have eyes on you whenever you were out together. You were finally with a man who kept on reminding you of the things that you were missing out on when you used to only date selfish assholes. You were swept off your feet because of how well he was able to just set himself apart from you.

You begin to get your hopes up. You start to think that you actually might have a future with this nice guy. But then over time, you notice that there are some parts of him that you’re not particularly fond of after all. You start to notice that he’s not that great of a guy; far from what you initially thought.

You used to always be thankful for how much he cared for and loved about you. But now, he’s acting more crazily. His passion and infatuation for you are bordering on obsessive. He is starting to become very possessive and controlling – and that is really starting to make for a very toxic relationship atmosphere. You start to feel exhausted by his presence. The relationship starts to become very difficult to bear.

And it’s all because you have to deal with a guy’s insecurities. If you notice that a lot of the things that are written here apply to your man, then it’s likely that he has some serious insecurities that could potentially kill your relationship.

1. He thinks that you haven’t moved on from previous relationships.

He always accuses you of staying hung up over an ex. He is convinced that you aren’t really serious about being with him because you’re still carrying some kind of emotional baggage from a previous romance.

2. He fell in love with you way too quickly.

You get the sense that he’s the kind of guy who falls in love way too quickly. You thought that he was just charming but the truth is that he’s just creepy.

3. He keeps asking you to reaffirm your feelings for him.

He is always asking you to reaffirm your love for him because he has trouble believing it. He finds it difficult to believe that you care for him because his insecurities don’t allow for him to do so.

4. He acts very possessive and controlling of you.

He tries to control every aspect of your life. He doesn’t want to make you feel like you have any other choice than to just stay with him forever. He wants to try to convince you that you don’t really have any other options in life.

5. He tries to monitor your social media activities.

He always wants to stay on top of what you’re doing on social media. He wants to make sure that you aren’t really up to anything sketchy.

6. He always accuses you of being unfaithful.

He is always telling you that you aren’t being faithful. He always assumes that you are cheating on him. He is so insecure that he convinces himself that a woman like you would never stay loyal to a guy like him.

7. His sense of happiness is reliant on you.

He puts a lot of pressure on you by making you his sole source of happiness. He is so insecure because he knows that if he loses you, he’s practically going to lose everything that makes him happy in this world.

8. He hates being told that he is wrong.

He doesn’t handle criticism well. He hates it whenever you contradict him. He hates it whenever he is told that he’s wrong and he starts to act out. He just doesn’t know how to defend his stances.

9. He tries to rush the various stages of the relationship.

He doesn’t want to take his time anymore. His insecurities have kept him from staying patient. He wants to rush you into actually committing to him. He wants to pressure you into staying with him and that’s why he tries to rush into things.

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