9 Signs That Your Love Is Fantasy, Not Reality

Admittedly, there is going to be some kind of overlap when it comes to love and fantasy. When you fall in love, it always feels just a little bit magical. It feels so enchanting when you find yourself falling for someone who just manages to captivate your senses in ways that no one else can.

However, it can be very easy to get lost in the magic and fantasy of love to the point that you completely lose all sense of reality. And you never want that to happen. You don’t want to be blinding yourself to what is right in front of you. You don’t want to be oblivious to your own feelings.

You have to know that just because you’re in love with someone doesn’t give you an excuse to completely disregard reality. In fact, if your love is rooted in fantasy, then there is a good chance that your love isn’t real – or it won’t really amount to anything.

You can fall in love with a person so much to the point that you romanticize and idealize this person in every way imaginable. And when that’s the case, it can be very unhealthy.

You end up making things up about your love even though they might not necessarily be true. You might be convincing yourself that you and this individual share something fundamentally special even when you don’t.

And that can be particularly dangerous for the health of your heart. You might be getting your hopes up way too much because of your fantasies. And you’re going to be setting yourself up for severe heartbreak and disappointment by doing so.

You always want to make sure that you are maintaining a sense of self-awareness in your love life. It’s the best way that you can protect yourself from eventual pain and heartache.

That is why if you find yourself guilty of the following signs, then that might mean that your love is rooted in fantasy, and not reality. And you need to put a stop to your fantastical thinking or else you’re only going to end up getting hurt.

  1. Even though the relationship between the two of you is practically nonexistent at the moment (or in its infant stages), you find yourself always fantasizing and daydreaming about the future that you might have together. You’re getting way ahead of yourself.
  2. You often get lost in very elaborate fantasies together with this person. And some of them might be simple while the others might be a little weird. Your fantasies are going to be composed of some very complex narratives wherein you and your love have some very movie-worthy narratives and storylines.
  3. You go through some very significant physical experiences and sensations whenever you are interacting with them. You feel anxious whenever you find yourself waiting for a reply to your text message. You get really nervous when you know that you’re about to run into them. You might even feel some slight nausea whenever the two of you are spending time together.
  4. You try to force situations wherein the two of you seemingly run into each other by accident. But the truth is that you’re just forcing the issue all of the time. You’re trying to make it seem like you’re just meant to be together because fate decides it. But the truth is that you’re manipulating everything to be a certain way.
  5. You have a tendency to put them on a pedestal. You idealize them to the point that your perception of them is far from the person that they actually are. Everything that they might do is always so amazing and romantic to you. Every quirk that they might have is always so charming and attractive to you. Even though they are incredibly flawed, they are always so perfect and flawless in your life.
  6. You are always so focused on them and whatever they might be keeping themselves busy with. You obsess over everything that they do. They might be talking to someone and you will obsess over who that person might be. You will want to pore over every single detail of their lives.
  7. You feel a very special and powerful bond with them. It’s almost like magnetic energy between the two of you. You believe that the two of you are meant to be with each other forever even when you barely know each other.
  8. You get really jealous even though you have no right to. You feel very possessive even when you aren’t really in a relationship with one another. You feel very territorial even when there really isn’t any reason for you to be.
  9. You get really sad whenever you feel like this person is emotionally withdrawing from you. And it’s not the typical kind of sadness. It’s an unhealthy kind of sadness to the point that it’s almost self-destructive.
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