9 Signs That Your Man Doesn’t See You As An Option; He Really Prioritizes You

A huge bulk of what makes up life is really the ability to juggle and arrange priorities properly and effectively. Life is multifaceted. There are many aspects to living life that all require our attention and energy. And given that we all have limited time in a day, a lot of us instinctively dedicate most of our time to the things and the people that are most important to us in this life.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you have to understand that you aren’t necessarily going to be the only thing that makes up this person’s life. Your relationship isn’t necessarily going to be the only thing in this person’s life that will require his full attention. But it’s nice to know that you’re in a genuine relationship with someone who is willing to prioritize you above all other people and other things in life on a consistent basis. Otherwise, you merely feel like an accessory to this person’s way of living.

To add to that, you would never want to find yourself prioritizing someone who doesn’t prioritize you. You wouldn’t want to be falling in love with someone who just doesn’t seem to consider you as importance. Why? Well, this person would have to problems with dropping you as soon as someone better comes along. This person would have no worries with just blowing you off in favor of works or casual nights out with friends. This person would be totally fine with just leaving you out to dry whenever something else is going to catch their attention.

So it’s important for you to always stay vigilant. You need to know if the guy you’re supposedly in love with is a guy who really prioritizes you. If not, then you need to call him out on it. And if he still refuses to treat you like a priority, then he’s really not serious about you and you need to move on. Here are 10 signs that you are lucky enough to have a man who really prioritizes you in life.

1. You never feel upset about him not giving you his time.

You know that whenever he has to devote his time to other things, it’s really because it’s important for him to do so. Otherwise, he would have no problems giving his time to you and to your relationship.

2. He shows a willingness to adjust his schedule to accommodate you in it.

He doesn’t see himself as above you. He knows that in order for your relationship to work, both of you are going to have to make a few adjustments every so often. And he shows the willingness to adjust his schedule to accommodate you because you are important to him.

3. He goes out of his way to make sure that you feel cared for.

He is willing to inconvenience himself for the sake of making your life as convenient as possible. He is genuinely invested in making your life comfortable enough for you to be happy.