9 Signs That Your Man Is Really Marriage-Material

Marriage is always going to be a big deal. It’s a commitment that no one should ever be taking lightly. It’s not necessarily something that you can just invest yourself in without really taking into consideration what that is going to mean for you or for your relationship. When you get married to someone, there should be no turning back. You don’t want to be in a marriage with someone who you eventually find out to be a person you never should have gotten with in the first place. Ending a relationship is heartbreaking; but ending a marriage can destroy your life. And that’s not even an exaggeration; there have been so many peoples’ lives that have been destroyed as a result of divorces, separations, and other such marital issues. You don’t want to end up as one of those people.

When you are growing up, you envision your future for yourself. You think about everything that you want to get done; and everything that you want to become. And of course, you dream about your romantic life and the kind of husband that you’re going to get for yourself. You think about what your family life is going to be like and you have all of these grand expectations for yourself.

But then you really grow up and you discover that you might not get everything that you want. Life isn’t necessarily going to hand you everything that you wish for on a silver platter. You’re going to have to work hard for what you want; and you’re going to have to put yourself in the best position to actually get the things that you desire. And it’s the same with love as well. You’re going to have to make sure to choose the right partner in life if you want to find success in your marriage. You want a man who is going to really be there for you; someone who can convince you that he’s worth taking a chance on. You need a man who is REALLY ready to be in a long and happy marriage.

And if you want to know what that kind of man looks like, just make sure to heed the following signs:

1. He isn’t afraid of showing you off and bragging about your success.

He doesn’t try to hide you or conceal you. He isn’t shy about you. And he doesn’t try to hold you back from achieving success. He is genuinely proud of you.

2. He stays even when you aren’t being your best.

He is consistent. His love is consistent and solid. He is with you even when you’re being difficult to be with. He stays with you even when you try to push him away with your nastiness. He’s solid with you even when there’s no reason to be.

3. He knows how to handle disagreements and arguments.

You’re a couple. But you’re going to have a few disagreements here and there. You aren’t always going to be able to see eye to eye on everything. You are bound to have a few conflicting opinions every once in a while. But that’s important is that you are both able to work through your conflicts – and he has to know how to do so.

4. He doesn’t change who he is depending on who he’s with.

He always stays genuine and consistent. You never feel like you ever have to doubt who he is or what he brings to the table. He always stays true to who he really is on the inside.

5. He genuinely tries hard to be nice to your friends and family.

He knows that the important people in your life are people he has to take seriously as well. He understands that he has to consider them just as important to his own self.

6. He would never be afraid to prioritize you.

He wouldn’t hesitate to drop everything just to make sure that you’re okay. He would always prioritize you. He would never do anything to make you feel like you’re merely an option to him.

7. He knows what to do to make you happy.

He is always on the frontlines when it comes to making you happy. He always wants to be able to add joy and positive energy into your life. He wants to make sure that you are as joyful and as contented as can be.

8. He accepts you for who you really are.

He never makes you feel like you aren’t enough for him. He never pressures you into changing into anyone other than who you already are. He doesn’t make you feel like you need to be someone else to make him happy.

9. Your instincts are telling you that he’s the one.

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of being able to listen to your instincts. If your gut is there telling you that he’s the guy that you’re meant to be with forever, then you shouldn’t be arguing anymore. He’s the one.

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