9 Signs That Your Relationship Is Built To Stand The Test Of Time

Even when you happen to be in a long-term relationship with someone, you know that nothing is ever for certain and you still risk losing your partner if something goes wrong between the two of you. And that’s good. That’s normal. It’s that kind of fear that means that you don’t take your relationship for granted and that you really try to value what is in front of you.

You might be looking at all the people around you settling down and forming families of your own – and it leads you to question whether your relationship has what it takes to do the same. That’s always a healthy perspective to have in a long-term relationship. It goes to show that you aren’t merely living in the present but you are also investing yourself in the relationship’s future.

It’s always a big deal whenever you are able to date someone for a long period of time. That is a luxury that so many other people who have been unlucky in love can only dream of. Love has the power to actually fundamentally change who you are as a person. According to the expert advice of Jianny Adamo, long-term relationships actually have substantial effects on an individual’s personality.

“Long-term relationships will change you — either for better or for worse,” says the counselor and certified relationship coach. “Love has the power to transform us, so hopefully we have chosen well and picked a partner that can grow with us. [Their] friends and family become our friends and family and vice versa. Their debts or assets will either take or give to our relationship. Their ability to support, listen [to], and cherish us will be wind in our sail, but if they tend to criticize, invalidate and can’t hear you, this will take from you.”

The changes can indeed be profound and it would be foolish to think otherwise. There is a substantial difference between being with someone for just a few years and being with someone for the rest of your life. But how do you know if you happen to have that kind of relationship? How do you know if you’re with someone who you’re actually compatible enough to be with forever? Here are a few signs that you could stay on the lookout for:

1. You show the willingness to compromise in the relationship.

You both know that you aren’t always going to get your way in the relationship but you also know that you have what it takes to meet each other halfway; to come to a compromise.

2. You treat each other as real equals.

You always treat one another like genuine equals. No one is above or below the other. You don’t demean each other and you don’t place the other on a pedestal. You see each other as true equals and it shows in the way that you act like a team.

3. You share similar values and principles in life.

Not to say that you have to agree on EVERYTHING, but it always helps whenever you share similar values and principles in life. It helps lessen the friction and drama in a relationship whenever that’s the case.

4. You really take each other into consideration when planning for the future.

You aren’t living a life for your individual selves anymore. You know that you are also accountable to another human being and that’s why you always plan things out as a team. You can’t just be calling the shots on your own whenever you want.

5. You have very constructive and mature arguments.

Whenever the two of you get into an argument, it’s always very constructive and mature. You don’t expect yourselves to always see eye to eye on everything. But you always expect yourselves to work your way towards some kind of resolution.

6. You stay mindful of each other’s moods and needs.

You are always thinking of the other. You always try to stay mindful of your partner’s needs so that you aren’t acting selfishly in your own relationship. You want your partner to feel like you always care about them.

7. You both feel like you can talk about anything.

The communication game in your relationship is so strong that you both feel like you can talk to one another about anything. Nothing seems to be off limits between you two because you both know you would never judge or hurt each other.

8. You both maintain your individuality outside of the relatnship.

Just because the two of you get into a relationship together doesn’t automatically mean that you have to be giving up your sense of self. You should still be having your own personal lives outside of the relationship so that you don’t let go of your individuality.

9. You always find a sense of comfort and peace with each other.

It’s almost like being with each other feels like being at home. You are always so safe and secure whenever you’re around one another and it’s all because you deeply trust each other as a couple.

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