9 Signs That Your Relationship Is Really Built To Last

1. You have a genuine partnership that is equal.

You really treat your relationship like a partnership; not in the sense that it’s unemotional and robotic, but in the sense that you’re both genuine equals. You don’t place your partner on a pedestal, and you don’t pressure each other into being more than you can. But you also don’t look down on one another. You really respect each other and you never demean or belittle each other’s lives. You are genuine partners who see your relationship as a tool to make the burdens of life a lot easier to bear.

2. You have shared values and principles in life.

When there is minimal friction in your relationship, the higher the chances that the two of you are actually going to be able to make things work. Remember that a lot of times, relationships end as a result of severe incompatibility between two people. However, when you share a lot of the same fundamental values and principles in life, you are minimizing the chances of the two of you being incompatible. You aren’t going to be disagreeing to a lot of things if you see the world through the same lens.

3. You always open up to one another about your shared and individual futures.

You know that your individual future and your shared future is virtually the same thing at this point. Neither of you can envision a future wherein the two of you aren’t happily in love together. Neither of you can envision a life wherein you aren’t in a relationship. And that’s why you always make it a point to include each other in whatever future plans you might have. You are always making plans with your partner and your relationship in mind.

4. You both pay attention to the details in your relationship.

You both find it really nice when you are able to do amazing and grand gestures for each other. But you are also both mature enough to know that the grand stuff isn’t supposed to be what makes up your relationship as a whole. You know that a huge bulk of what makes your relationship so beautiful is all in the details; all in the simple things. And that’s why you both pay great attention to detail. Neither of you take the little things for granted because you understand their collective impact on the relationship.

5. You argue in a mature and effective manner.

You are never going to be able to see eye to eye on absolutely everything. There will be a few issues in life that the two of you are going to approach differently. You are bound to have your share of disagreements here and there; and that’s okay. You know that the strength of your relationship isn’t really defined by the number of disagreements you might have; it’s in your inherent abilities to see things from each other’s perspective. You are always respectful whenever you argue; and you are always making a conscious effort to understand one another.

6. You are both free to talk about absolutely anything.

Your communication game is always on point. You both always feel free to talk to each other about whatever is on your mind. You are always offering your partner a safe space for expression. You never make your partner feel afraid or insecure about how they feel or what they think. Whenever you want to get something off your chest, you are both always able to do so without fear or hesitation.

7. You both maintain your individual lives outside of your relationship.

Yes, your relationship comprises a very important part of your individual lives. However, you don’t necessarily make your relationship your ENTIRE life. You are both still able to maintain your individuality despite the fact that you are sharing your lives with one another. You are still consistently engaging in your deepest passions, hobbies, and interests.

8. You don’t have to be doing anything wild or exciting to have fun.

You don’t really pressure yourselves to always be doing something. You don’t push the envelope. It’s almost effortless in the way that you have fun with one another; in the way that you enjoy each other’s company.

9. You both find a way to compromise with one another.

You both understand that compromise is key in your relationship. Neither of you are so selfish that you are always looking to get your way in the relationship. You understand that you’re not always supposed to get what you want. You know that you need to be putting the needs of the relationship above your own. And that’s why you find joy in being able to give up what you truly want if it means being able to meet your partner halfway.

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