9 Signs That Your Relationship’s Communication Game Is On Point

Everyone practically knows by now that one of the keys to having a strong long-term relationship with someone is being able to establish open and effective lines of communication. The reason why this is important in relationships is that couples always need to be given the space and the platform to express their individual thoughts and sentiments to one another.

It is through these expressions wherein they can really build bridges between each other’s souls; wherein they can really strengthen the emotional bond and connection that they have with one another. Couples with the strongest systems and dynamics of communication are often the ones that are really able to last.

But how do you know if your communication game as a couple is actually strong or not? How do you know if you need to dramatically work on your communication game to make sure that your relationship is a healthy one? That’s the trick here. A lot of couples will think that talking to one another every so often about random issues will be enough to sustain the relationship.

They grow complacent and they end up blinding themselves from the heavier themes and issues that really surround their relationship. These are issues that only real deep communication can access and solve.

Granted, none of us who live on this earth are perfect. We are all far from perfection and so it’s perfectly reasonable for us to expect that our communication game isn’t going to be perfect either.

But the point here is that the best couples are the ones who are constantly working on building on their lines of communication for the sake of the relationship as a whole. They don’t want to be complacent and they want to make sure that they are always talking to one another and about the right things.

So how do you know if you’re doing things right in the relationship as far as your communication is concerned? Well, there are a few things that you could keep an eye out for. Here are some signs that your communication game as a couple is definitely on point:

1. You never feel like you have to lie to one another.

Honesty is always a good sign in a relationship especially when it’s a fully clean, open, and untainted kind of honesty. When you are honest with one another at all times, it goes to show that you both respect one another to always tell each other the truth.

2. You never feel like you are being ignored or set aside.

One common sign of poor communication habits in a relationship is when one side is consistently left to feel ignored or underappreciated. So if you feel like your partner is always listening to you, then that’s a good sign for you both.

3. You have developed a strong willingness to really pay attention to your partner.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that communication is just about saying whatever it is that they need to say to their partner. What they don’t know is that communication is also built on being able to listen to one another.

4. You never made to feel like you are being demeaned or belittled.

You can say whatever you want in the relationship without fear of being ridiculed, judged, belittled, or demeaned. You are confident that you have a partner who is always going to take what you say seriously; someone who would never make a joke out of what you say.

5. Your conversations don’t just revolve around trivial daily updates.

Yes, it’s good to have the occasional small talk with one another just to break the ice. But real communication in a relationship revolves around deep and meaningful conversations that really touch on real issues.

6. You never feel like you have to censor yourself in the relationship.

Your partner always makes you feel like you have a free space to say whatever it is you want without restraint. You never feel like you have to adjust yourself for your partner’s fragile ego because you know they can take whatever it is you have to express.

7. You never put off having a difficult conversation with one another.

Whenever something is bothering you, you immediately bring it up with your partner. You both understand that harboring ill feelings and emotions could lead to potential dysfunction in a relationship. You always make it a point to address your issues as soon as they arise in your relationship.

8. You never say things that you regret during arguments.

The fact that you never say things that you end up regretting even when you’re upset with one another is a good sign of effective communication. It means that you don’t let your emotions get in the way of whatever it is you want to express with one another.

9. You know how to time your conversations perfectly.

And lastly, one good sign that you have a strong communication game is that both of you know how to time your conversations well. There is a proper time and place for every kind of discussion and you both understand this perfectly.

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