9 Signs That You’re An Alpha Woman Who Stands Out In A Crowd

You are a true survivor. You are a brave and courageous fighter. You are a fierce warrior who never backs down from a challenge. You are a phoenix who rises up from the ashes whenever you get knocked down by life. You have the fierce flame of passion that is burning ever so brightly within you. You have the motivation and sheer determination of a soldier marching into battle.

You are never shy about pursuing your dreams. You are never afraid to go after your goals. You are your own source of inspiration and strength. You give yourself energy. You are the epitome of what it means to be an alpha woman; someone who really knows how to stand out in a crowd. You are never shy about being who you are. And you never allow yourself to shrink just so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. You stay true to who you are regardless of where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with.

You serve as a shining beacon of light for every other girl who has yet to discover that strength within them. You are a true role model for all girls who aspire to make names for themselves someday. You are an alpha woman.

1. You always command the respect of a room.

You just have a way of commanding the respect of any room that you are in. You never act fake. You never act scheming. You are someone who people know is worthy of respect.

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2. You always believe in yourself.

You know that confidence is always half of the battle. And you never allow yourself to be short of confidence. Even when everyone else in the world is telling you that you can’t do it, you still choose to believe in yourself. You always bet on yourself to succeed.

3. You use the pain that you feel as a way to build yourself up.

Just because you are strong doesn’t mean that you are immune to pain. You feel pain the same way that everyone else feels pain. But you know how to utilize that pain to strengthen yourself. You know that sometimes, pain is necessary in order for you to become a stronger person. You don’t let pain cripple you into being a victim. You capitalize on it to become better.

4. You are never lacking in positive energy.

You always bring a lot of positive energy wherever you go. You just do this because you need a lot of positivity as you try to make your way through this world. And you always want to be injecting your positivity into the lives of others. You are never in the business of bringing yourself or the people around you down.

5. You never compare yourself with other people.

You never play the game of comparing yourself to other people. You don’t need to measure yourself up to people who are better than you. And you never feel the need to put other people down for not being on your level. You live your own life according to your own expectations that you have set for yourself.

6. You are never afraid to express how you feel inside.

You are never afraid to speak your mind about an issue. That isn’t to say that you are tactless and you don’t take the feelings of other people into consideration before you say something. However, you are never going to want to censor yourself for the convenience of others. You are always going to want to speak your truth.

7. You are never vengeful or vindictive.

Whenever someone wrongs you, you always practice maximum patience and understanding. Yes, you might get upset. You become displeased and disappointed whenever someone doesn’t meet your standards or expectations. But you always know how to forgive. And you never really hold on to grudges or emotional baggage of any kind.

8. You stay honest and true no matter how inconvenient it might be.

You stay honest and true in life no matter what kind of trouble the truth might get you into. It’s so convenient to just lie sometimes and get yourself out of trouble. It’s so tempting to just resort to a lie so as to absolve yourself of accountability over something. But you’re not like that. You always keep things real and honest.

9. You accept your flaws and love yourself in spite of them.

You know that you are a strong and amazing woman. But you aren’t naïve enough to believe that you are perfect in every single way. You know that you always have room for improvement. And you aren’t afraid of admitting that fact to anyone. You accept that you are imperfect. But you always make it a point to love yourself in spite of your flaws. You never let your insecurities win.

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