9 Signs You Keep Letting Him Suck You Back In

Do you think that he’s the kind of guy that you can just quit and have that be the end of it? Nope. It doesn’t always work like that. The master manipulators of the world are so good at leaving lasting imprints on the lives of their victims. So you always have to make sure that you maintain as much space between you and this type of guy as possible. You don’t want to be leaving yourself susceptible. You don’t want to be leaving yourself open to getting hurt.

You’re not always going to be able to spot a toxic guy out right away. Sometimes, you’re going to have to go through that toxic experience before you actually get to know that they’re toxic after all. And when you are forced to confront the truth about your toxic love, you’re going to have to end things. You’re going to have to break up with him and let him go. You are going to have to move on from him to the best of your abilities. And as difficult as that might be, it’s still something that you’re ultimately going to have to do.

However, the toxic guy isn’t always going to be making it so easy for you to move on. He isn’t going to make it so simple for you to get better. He isn’t going to make it too easy for you to have a happy life without him. Because there are many words that you can use to describe him – but simple is definitely not going to be one of them. So how exactly od you know if a guy is going to be toxic enough to suck you back in even after you’ve moved on?

1. He makes sure that you have no sense of self-confidence.

He tries to diminish your sense of self-confidence as much as possible. He wants you to believe that you don’t have any worth in this world. He wants you to think that you aren’t going to be a person of value to anyone else. He will make sure to destroy your spirit to make you unpresentable to the world.

2. He makes you feel bad about your faults and insecurities.

This is part of his way of getting you to feel guilty with your imperfections. He’s going to guilt you into staying with him. He’s going to make it seem like you owe him and so you have to do whatever you can to redeem yourself from your personal faults.

3. He toys with your emotions on a consistent basis.

He wants to overwhelm you with your own feelings and emotions. He wants you to be so overwhelmed by how you feel to the point that you’re going to have to rely on him to help steer your life.

4. Your friends warn you about his toxic behavior.

You shouldn’t let your friends be dictating how you live your life. But it would be foolish for you to not pay attention to them either. It’s important to take what they say into consideration. They are only looking out for your own well-being after all.

5. He forces you into making pressured decisions by giving you ultimatums.

He is going to threaten you a lot into making choices that you don’t want to make. He’s going to give you a lot of ultimatums – he’s going to threaten you by telling you that he will leave you unless you do what he wants. It’s part of his manipulative and abusive tendencies.

6. He goes out of his way to make you jealous.

He knows all of the little tactics in the book. He knows how to play those little games. He knows what it takes to make you jealous; to make it seem like he’s keeping his options open so that you don’t end up being complacent. He takes passive-aggressive approaches into getting you to work harder for him.

7. Your instincts are telling you that something is off about him.

You must always know how to pay attention to your gut. Your subconscious might be picking up on a few things that you are being blind to.

8. He forces you into thinking that no one else is ever going to love you.

It’s his way of scaring you back into his arms. He won’t want you to think that you’re going to have a shot at finding love elsewhere. He is going to want to convince you that the only place you’re going to find love in this world is with him. He’s hell-bent on convincing you that you are unlovable to any other guy in this world.

9. He acts hot and cold with you.

He is inconsistent with you. He is going to act all warm and loving with you just to make you think that he’s genuinely interested in you. But then he’s going to act all cold and distant with you just to get you to try harder with him; to convince you to work harder to be more worthy of his attention.

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