9 Signs Your Boyfriend Isn’t Really In Love With You

Just because you’re in a relationship with someone doesn’t automatically mean that you’re both going to be in love with one another. Sometimes, there will be people who will walk into your life and they are only going to stay there temporarily. They just find you to be somewhat convenient to be with for a certain period of time – and once they’re through with you, they are going to leave you high and dry. And that’s not necessarily something that you’re going to want to put yourself through. When you get into a relationship with someone, you always want it to be real and steady before you really invest yourself in it. Otherwise, you’re only going to end up feeling shortchanged and disappointed.

You aren’t getting any younger and you no longer want to be wasting your time with these boys who are just looking to have a good time with you; and then discard you once they’re done. You want a real relationship that you can really build; something that you can really take with you into your future. And that all starts with being able to find the right guy. If you notice that your boyfriend is just far too distant and cold in your relationship, then that’s definitely a big red flag. That’s something that you can’t afford to ignore.

You would be surprised at how many men stay in relationships even though they know they’re not going to last. And you don’t want to be in that kind of relationship yourself. You want to make sure that you always know what’s going on in your own relationship. You only want to be committing to a man who is going to commit to you. And that’s why if you discover that he’s not really in love with you, then you should go ahead and demand for more.

1. He only knows the shallow stuff about you.

He only ever really scratches the surface with you. He doesn’t really try to go deeper. It’s either he’s afraid of going emotionally deep with you; or he’s just plainly uninterested. Either way, it’s bad news. A man who loves you is someone who should never be afraid of going deep.

2. He doesn’t open up about himself.

He doesn’t want to make himself vulnerable to you. And the reason is that he doesn’t think that you’re worth it. He doesn’t want to make himself look weak towards you because he doesn’t think that you’re worth that risk. He is just going to want to keep to himself.

3. He refrains from showing you any affection.

He doesn’t show you any affection because there is no affection to show. You are merely an accessory to his life. He isn’t emotionally investing himself in you; and that shows in the way that he treats you. He doesn’t act like he’s in love with you because he isn’t.

4. He acts too busy for your relationship a lot.

He doesn’t really spend a lot of time on you or on your relationship. We only ever really spend time on the things that are important to us. And since this relationship isn’t really all that important to him, he doesn’t really like to spend much time on it.

5. He doesn’t integrate you into his social circle.

He knows it would be pointless to introduce you to his friends and family if he’s eventually just going to dump you anyway. He doesn’t consider you to be a potentially permanent fixture in his life; and that’s why he’s hesitant to integrate you into his social circle.

6. He doesn’t talk about his future plans with you.

He doesn’t talk about future plans with you because you’re not included in his future. It’s just that simple. He doesn’t try to make you feel like your relationship is headed anywhere. He’s just taking each day as it comes with no real vision in mind.

7. He low-key flirts with other girls.

If a man were truly in love with you, he would no longer be interested in flirting with other women. And he especially wouldn’t be interested in hurting your feelings in such a manner. He would never want to make you feel insecure about your place in your own relationship.

8. He lets you handle all of the planning for the relationship.

Somehow, you’re the one who is always planning for dates, trips, and hangouts. You are the only one who seems to give a damn about ensuring the future of this relationship. He doesn’t seem at all attached or invested in your romance in any capacity.

9. He doesn’t tell you that he loves you.

And of course, the most blatant sign of all: if he doesn’t tell you that he loves you, then it’s probably because that’s really the case. And if that’s what you’re dealing with, then you know that you’re in trouble.


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