9 Signs Your Man Is About To Dump You – And What You Need To Do About It

Predicting the future is a talent that no person on earth is ever going to be blessed with. However, it can help a lot to know how to anticipate what is going to happen to you. That way, if you don’t like what’s about to take place, it’s either you can prepare for it or try to change it.

Whenever you get into a relationship, you have to understand that there is a chance that the two of you are going to break up. That’s why you never want to be taking your relationship for granted.

You always want to be staying on top of things in your relationship. Additionally, you need to be paying attention to all of the little details surrounding your love. This way, if things aren’t going well, then you would be able to figure things out right away. Also, if you have a boyfriend who is looking to break up with you, then you would be able to anticipate this horrible event.

Breaking up sucks and it’s always one of the hardest things that anyone ever has to go through. However, what makes breakups hurt the most is the unusual nature of it all. It sucks when you get broken up with.

But it sucks even harder when you’re blindsided by it. This is part of the reason why it’s essential that you pay attention to the details in your relationship. Additionally, you also need to stay mindful of the signs that your relationship might be doomed.

Here are a few signs that your man is looking to break up with you.

1. Your instincts are telling you that something is off.

Sometimes, you need to learn to pay attention to your guy. After all, your instincts are there to protect you from impending harm, danger, or pain. So, if your gut is telling you that something is off, that’s probably because it’s the truth.

2. He doesn’t prioritize you anymore.

You can always tell a lot about what’s essential to a man based on his priorities. If he doesn’t make you feel like a priority anymore, then it’s probably because he doesn’t consider you to be exceptional at this point.

3. He doesn’t make an effort to communicate with you.

At this point, you should be scared. After all, part of what makes up a great relationship is proper communication. Hence, all couples must be able to communicate with one another effectively. However, if you are unable to do so, then that’s a definite bad sign.

4. He picks fights with you out of the blue.

He is irritated with you, and that’s why he looks to pick fights with you whenever he gets the chance. He’s just ready to pick a fight with you even over the littlest things.

5. He ceases to compliment you.

He doesn’t give you any compliments anymore. After all, you’ve been through; he doesn’t have anything nice to say about you anymore.



6. He spends more time on other people and activities.

If he starts spending all of his time on other people and other things, then that’s a bad sign. It might show that he’s slowly giving up on the relationship and he thinks that it just isn’t worth it anymore.

7. There is a cease or decrease in your sex life.

Physical intimacy is essentially something that separates romantic relationships from spiritual ones. And the fact that you aren’t having as much sex as before might be a sign that your relationship is starting to deteriorate.

8. He doesn’t stay affectionate with you.

Affection is always going to be very important in any romantic relationship. And if he isn’t acting affectionate towards you anymore, then that is cause for some serious concern. You know that there is a shift in his feelings when there is a shift in the way he treats you.

9. You are the only one who is putting in the effort.

You know that something is off if you’re the only one who is putting in the effort at this point. After all, it takes two to tango. The two of you need to be working as a team for your relationship to last. And if he’s checked out, then you’re in trouble.

What to Do About It?

Well, the fact that you’re still together might be a good sign considering the circumstances. However, things are looking grim. And this is where you have to decide whether he’s worth staying with or if he’s worth letting go. Whatever you choose, you have to make sure that you own up to that decision. You are the one who gets the last say in whether your relationship lasts or not. Fight for it or just let him go.

  1. How to tell if your ex is coming back to you , I mean we are still intimate with one another , we still talk . But am truly in love with him and he only says I do love you but am not in love with you .. and he says he still cares .

  2. My boyfriend left about 6 months now but we text, talk or sometimes call each other and he helps out when he can. Of the nine signs mentioned above, about 4 is true for me so what i need to know is will he come back to me?

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